Data Leak

Data management firm Attunity leaked more than a terabyte size of data that includes email backups, OneDrive accounts, system passwords, sales, project details, and more.

The leaked database contains information about Attunity’s operations, and it also includes customers data; Fortune 100 firms such as Netflix, TD Bank, and Ford.

Upguard researchers uncovered the publicly available Amazon S3 buckets named “attunity-it,” “attunity-patch,” and “attunity-support“. The buckets contain a large collection of data “the total size is uncertain, but the researcher downloaded a sample of about a terabyte in size, including 750 gigabytes of compressed email backups”.

Data Leak

The unsecured database was identified on May 13, 2019, and the researchers notified the leak to Attunity on May 16, 2019. Upguard unable to confirm that whether anyone else was able to access the information or not.

Some of the files found in the exposed database found to be uploaded back in September 2014, and some files have been uploaded recently. It is unclear about how long the S3 Buckets are publically accessible.

Among the huge sets of data exposed, researchers found a list of client details, system credentials, organization’s digital assets, private keys and the spreadsheets that contain social security numbers, employee data, including employee names, payroll, and more.

“An additional risk is that the employee ID numbers tied to US Attunity employees follow the same numbering scheme as social security numbers, which leads us to believe they may be the same. The Attunity Employee IDs in this spreadsheet for US employees is nine digits, the same length as SSNs.”

“The chain of events leading to the exposure of that data provides a useful lesson in the ecology of a data leak scenario. Users’ workstations may be secured against attackers breaking in, but other IT processes can copy and expose the same data valued by attackers.”

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