DDoS Attack on ProtonMail

National Crime Agency (NCA) from the UK finally arrested the Teen for a heavy DDoS attack on ProtonMail email service.

19-year-old Teen George Duke-Cohan who was roaming on the internet under the name ‘7R1D3N7′, ‘DoubleParalla’ and ‘optcz1′, was launched a heavy DDoS attack on ProtonMail.

In this case, Protonmail faced a DDoS Attack on their network daily basis and five separate groups have been conducting this cyber attack.

George was one among the Russian cybercrime group “Apophis Squad” and he was involved in various cybercrime including several times for a number of DDoS attacks.

Also, he was responsible for making bomb threats to thousands of schools and a United Airlines flight traveling from the UK to San Francisco last month and he sent a mass email to schools in the UK and the US claiming that pipe bombs.

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According to National Crime Agency, They investigators working with the FBI identified that whilst on pre-charge bail for the threats to schools, Duke-Cohan made bomb threats to the US-bound flight via phone calls to San Francisco Airport and their Bureau police.

 Apophis Squad cybercrime gang also claimed on their Twitter page that they are ultimately responsible for flight UAL 949 had been grounded.

In this case, ProtonMail started their investigation after the first attacks were launched, they found the attackers behind the Apophis Squad groups do not technically sound good and they found that some of the attackers in this group also ProtonMail users.

According to ProtonMail, Also George Duke-Cohan working with a number of hacking groups, On Aug. 31, officers from the British National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested Duke-Cohan outside of London.

“On Monday, he pleaded guilty in a UK court to three counts of making bomb threats to schools and airlines. We believe further charges are pending, along with possible extradition to the US.”

ProtonMail has been survived during the DDoS Attack due to the efforts of Radware, F5 Networks, and their own security team, they ware minimize the attack.

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