Android getting New Future called “DNS over TLS” Protocol that helps to stop ISP’s monitoring the Browsing contents such as Knowing what websites you visit using your Android Mobile Phone.

This is one of the very interesting Future that announced by Google for Android to increase the Android user privacy  and you can use Private Encrypted Browser called Tenta to keep you data safe and secure also you can test the Browser privacy using Tenta Platform.

Domain name server is using for Translating the domain name into IP Address by queries a DNS which looks up and returns the concerned domain owned IP address to the client. This Process is a hidden process which is not something that human can see it.

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This process is presently Performing in Plain text using UDP or TCP protocols which means that anyone can see your Visiting website Domain by sniffing you Browser Traffic by anyone Especially internet Service Provider (ISP) and they can even monitor your internet activities.

Here new Android future comes to play for stop monitoring your online Activities by ISP’s using “DNS over TLS” protocol where “DNS queries will be encrypted” to the same level as HTTPS and thus a DNS can’t actually log or see the websites you visit.

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This benefit does require the DNS you are using to have DNS over TLS support so users can switch to Google’s DNS if they wish to benefit from DNS over TLS.

As of now, half the websites are not encrypted over TLS and this new DNS Over TLS will help to increase the user privacy.In terms of this new future, most DNS does not support this encryption. changing the mobile DNS on your phone requires either root access or the use of a VPN app.

According to xda-developers ,It appears that “DNS over TLS” support is being added to Android, according to several commits added to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The addition in the Android repository shows that a new setting will be added under Developer Options allowing users to turn on or off DNS over TLS. Presumably, if such an option is being added to Developer Options, then that means it is in testing and may arrive in a future version of Android such as version 8.1.

“Do note that TLS over DNS will not lead to full privacy with the flip of a toggle. If a different DNS service provider you decide to connect to does opt to enable DNS over TLS, they’ll get your DNS traffic instead of your ISP.”

DNS requests will be encrypted, but the DNS over TLS server still gets to see your DNS traffic, though that alone might be a step above using your ISP’s servers without TLS over DNS. xda-developers said.


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