A Utah Man, Austin Thompson, Pleads Guilty in Federal court for carrying out series DoS attacks against online gaming companies and servers.

The attacker floods the target system, which prevents legitimate users from accessing the network resources and devices.

DDoS Attack is one of most dangerous threat for any organization and the attack main aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service that leads an organization to face the various technical impacts.

Thompson attacks online gaming companies including Sony Online Entertainment between December 2013 and January 2014 and take them offline, reads DoJ press release.


He used his Twitter account @DerpTrolling to announce that he has taken down the victim’s server and post screenshots showing it.

“The attacks took down game servers and related computers around the world, often for hours at a time. According to the plea agreement, Thompson’s actions caused at least $95,000 in damages.”

“Denial-of-service attacks cost businesses millions of dollars annually, We are committed to finding and prosecuting those who disrupt businesses, often for nothing more than ego,” said U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman.

Thompson to be sentenced before United States District Judge Jeffrey Miller on March 1, 2019. He could receive a maximum penalty of 10yrs prison, $250,000 fine, 3 years supervised release.

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