Editing Software Applications Useful for College Students

Writing is one of the essential skills every student must have for a successful academic journey. You not only need this skill in your academic but even after you are done with your studies. Therefore, it is vital that you train yourself proper use of grammar and vocabulary.

At any level, submitting a paper that is full of grammatical mistakes and poor sentence structures is quite embarrassing and can also get your paper rejected. Which is why editing is such an important process in your daily writing. Now, to save yourself from all that, a student would manually go through their paper for thorough checking of any mistakes. This can be tiresome and time consuming.

All the same, due to technological advancement, there are useful applications that have been designed specifically for editing purposes. You are able to polish your essay writing of all the mistakes within a short period which would save you a considerable amount of time. Below are some of the applications and sites that you can use for an effective editorial process.

The software Application/Site and Its Functions

Every writing process requires keen editing of the essay to make sure that there are no mistakes whatsoever. Majority of students and writers majorly depended on experienced editors to do the job for them. However, currently, writers and students take advantage of the technological advancement to their benefits. Here is how each site might be of help to you.


The site is one of the popular and mostly used by writers and students for editing purposes. It is efficient and easy to use. It can be useful to do the following:

Once you have edited your article, the site provides you with a report stating the time one might take to read it. It shows this through a percentage level based on the flow, sentence structures, and the use of vocabularies.

Grammar corrections

The site provides you with possible corrections customized automatically after scanning through it for mistakes. It could be either word spellings, sentence restructuring, or grammatical error.

Vocabulary enhancement

Grammarly can check whether there is such a need to rephrase particular words or phrases. It makes sure there are no repetitions and wordiness in a paper.


It is one of the most efficient applications with various functions for an essay writer or a student. The app can be used for reading of different write ups as well as writing. You can also use it to learn how to write letters for business and other write-ups. It can also be resourceful for students learning on writing skills.


The app helps its users through identifying errors such as long and illogical sentences, poor structures, spelling mistakes, overused words and application of clichés words and phrases. Using the site, you are able to identify the clichés and make possible rewrites. You can also restructure and shorten long sentences.

Visual Thesaurus

Users use this app to identify repeatedly used words. As a writer or a student, you are able to avoid the repetition of words in your essay. This way, you are able to use enriched words to better the flow and readability of your text. You are able to get automatically generated words to replace the overused vocabularies and phrases. Users learn new words as they continue to use the app.

Pro-Writing Aid

In the process of writing an essay, students make long sentences that reduce the readability of the text. Therefore, the app is specially designed to increase the readability of a write-up. You can also use the site to correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. In addition, you are able to remove any vague phases and words in your write-up.

Cliché Finder

The use of words that have been repeatedly been applied for years can make a text boring. Therefore, the app helps you identify the clichés so that you can replace them with possible options for a better text. All you have to do is copy and paste your write-up in a certain box and click on the ‘find cliché’ command button.

WriteCheck Plagiarism Checker

Most of the time, writers or students are bound to plagiarism which is a serious offence in the academic field. Your essay may be rejected on a slight suspicion of any kind of plagiarism involvement. This application helps you identify plagiarized work for correction.


The availability of these applications has helped its users reduce grammatical errors and write better texts for their readers. One is able to learn and edit at the same time. Most importantly, the applications have increased the efficiency with which writers and students produce quality work.

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