Edward Snowden privacy protection app Haven turns your Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector, watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders.

App once installed, use your smartphone’s sensors microphone, motion detector, the light detector, and the cameras — to monitor the room for changes, and it logs everything it notices.

It was designed for journalists “human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance to create a new kind of herd immunity.” Guardian project reads.

How it works

Haven combines your smartphone’s sensors and to send real-time encrypted alerts, it uses the most secure communication channel like Signal and Tor.

If you lock your phone and kept in the hotel safe with Haven at the top, then if someone opens the safe the phone light meter may sense the change in lighting, the microphone can detect a sound, the accelerometer can detect a change in motion and camera might capture a snapshot of the attacker’s face.

Once the sensors triggered it will send alerts through SMS and Signal app, also the event logs can be captured through Tor Onion Service and it also keeps on-device log events.

Snowden recognizes that Haven can’t stop an intruder hooked on physically harming somebody. In any case, by basically identifying and recording their presence.

If you’re the secret police making people disappear, Haven changes the calculus of risk you have to go through,” evil maid attacks are not in wild. we’re talking about people who can’t go into the pool without their laptops,” said Snowden.

Now the app is available from Google Play Store and the code available on Github.”WIRED says with their initial tests of Haven’s beta version, the app successfully detected and alerted us to any attempts to approach a laptop on an office desk, reliably sending photos of would-be evil maids over Signal“.


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