Spotify is a service for streaming music, offering users both paid and free functionality. The platform can be used not only on computers but also on mobile devices. Service applications are suitable for installation on devices with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. The number of songs available for listening through the service will soon reach 40 million tracks.

As the number of users is constantly growing, along with them the competition on this platform is increasing. Therefore, in order not to get lost in a huge variety of tracks and demonstrate your creativity to a large audience, you need to consider the strategy of promoting your track listcarefully. This is a very lengthy and painstaking process. As an auxiliary resource for attracting followers, you can also ask for help from a paid company that takes care of your success.

In addition, we have compiled a small strategic plan on how to improve your chances of winning attention and expand the audience. Below you can find useful and effective tips.

1. Show all your originality

In order to create something worth attention, you need to work well. A unique playlist is the first step towards success. To create it, you will need to analyze already existing popular playlists in order to reveal which niche has the least competitors. Also, you should take into account the preferences of the audience and make a selection of the most popular tracks. Moreover, in this way you can draw inspiration and form a special playlist.

Many popular playlists fall under a certain mood. So, if you meet mood playlists, you can listen to them, discover new exciting ideas and set about creating your own one. You will definitely make something cool and original!

2. Create an attractive and alluring name for your track sheet

The heading is the first thing that the listener pays attention to. Therefore, try to make it as special and catchy as possible. Even if you can put together a really awesome playlist, but pick an improper name for it, then all your efforts will go nowhere. Avoid banal titles such as “The best playlist in the history…”, “The greatest playlist”, “The best party …” and so on, since these kinds of names do not characterize music, and hardly anyone wants to listen to it. However, if you show your creativity and think well about the name of your playlist, adding a vivid and brief description, such as “Hindi Sunday Morning”, “Rock Metallica Inspiration”, “Throwback 90s Fun” and so on, completely different possibilities will open up.

3. Periodically update your playlist by adding interesting and relevant tracks.

From time to time, conduct an audit of your playlist, checking the relevance of the tracks. A good option would be to add new tracks to the top of the list. It is best to refresh your playlist, rather than changing it completely. In this case, you can see the responsiveness of your listeners and better understand which vector to move in. In any case, much depends on the niche and the theme of your playlist. For example, if this is the “Best rock tracks of the last week”, then their full update is clearly obvious. Listen to your inner sense and adjust the sensations. You like to listen to actual music, but not the same one. Therefore, put yourself in the place of your listeners and everything will be fine.

4. Actively promote your track lists on other social networks.

In order to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to add an attractive description to your playlist. Thus, you can familiarize potential listeners with musical directions and features of the tracks that you have collected, and tell your potential listeners what inspired you to create a specific playlist. Such sincerity is sure to find a response from your audience.

In addition to using internal tools to promote your playlist, you can also use external resources – these can be both paid services, such as Socialboss, and other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and others) or even your own website or blog, where you will describe in detail and actively promote your playlists. Creating a fan base is quite a painstaking and crucial moment, so do not be discouraged that it will proceed more slowly than you would expect. In any case, all your efforts will help to attract user attention, and you will be able to expand your audience significantly because the power of social networks is a kind of catalyst for your success.

5. Study your competitors and playlists that you like.

To attract followers actively, you must become a follower as well. This means that you have to find new interesting groups, carefully familiarize yourself with popular playlists and study the needs of the audience. Thus, you can improve your skills and use all your practical knowledge to form an ideal playlist that can win the hearts of listeners and be able to gather a large active audience.

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