Email Hacking Tool

OilRig APT hackers group owned Email Hacking Tool leaked by another group of hackers named “Lab Dookhtegan” in Telegram.

This tool named as Jason, which is one among the hacking tools listed in the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence arsenal.

This group also has known as APT 34, a team of highly intelligent hackers and malware developers to be originated from the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran that appears to target financial, energy, telecommunications, and chemical companies around the world.

Another group of hackers who was continuously leaking various hacking tools in their Telegram channel against APT 34 Iranian state sponsor group since March 26.

Email Hacking Tool

The same group already leaked many hacking arsenals in Telegram which includes malware source code, PowerShell Payload, a server-side module which is the c2 made in node.js, ASP Webshell, dubbed “HighShell” that has more than 30k lines of code.

Email Hacking Tool Used for Bruteforce Attack

Leaked Email hacking tool seems to be used for launching a Bruteforce attack against the target then trying to execute the various login passwords until it finds the original password.

Email Hacking Tool

The Email Hacking Tool uploaded as an archived file with the name “,” Once I extracted the file, it compiled with four files, one indicates that the tool used to perform a brute-force attack against Microsoft exchange server.

According to Omri Segev, The tool has been uploaded to Virustotal quickly after it’s released in the telegram channel and has 0 detection rate at the time although compiled in 2015.

The unknown individual from Lab Dookhtegan Telegram channel wrote upon the tool leaks said “We are exposing today another cyber tool (Jason, an Email Hacking tool) being abused by the b**tard Iranian Ministry of Intelligence for hacking emails and stealing information. We thank our suffering compatriots for their cooperation with no hesitation.”

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