Email Verification Service to Protect From Spammer: How it helps you succeed at what you do

Email verification is one of the most important areas to focus on Email marketing which is one of the most fundamental toolsets marketers use in promoting products, services, and distributing other communications within their circles.

Due to the many benefits email marketing has, email lists are a very valuable asset to companies, entrepreneurs and marketers. However, ensuring you have a clean list is of equal importance. That’s why email verification is such a hot topic right now.

Verifying your email addresses ensures you are not listed as a spammer by service providers and blocked; thereby not only limiting the marketing you can do but for all intents and purposes ruin your online reputation.

Maintaining a clean reputation is even more important with the introduction of GDPR where more stringent rules and requirements are placed on those that handle people’s information. This is exactly why services such as those provided by Zerobounce are not only nice to have but even essential in a world where reputation is everything.

Using an email verification system not only saves your reputation but helps you become ever more effective at what you do. Open rates, conversion rates, and customer funnels are the bread and butter of email marketers. You can see why a skewed list can really throw your efforts out the window.

To help you in your efforts, there are a number of tools that can ensure your email address list is squeaky clean. Email verification services can really help you increase those conversion rates and ROI.

In this article, we will look at how an email verifier cleans your email list. Here are the most important features:

Email bounce detection: is the most basic, yet essential feature that removes invalid email addresses from your database. This not only helps you maintain your reputation, but it also improves your metrics. Thus, it gives you a clearer picture of what works in your email marketing and what needs to be improved.

Spam trap and abuse email verifier: a good email verification service will remove most spam traps from your list. Spam traps don’t belong to real people, so they’re of no use to your marketing program. Also, an email verification system eliminates abuse addresses, which belong to people who will mark you as spam. Sending emails to any such addresses will get ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to list you as a spammer. That can get you blacklisted and, as a result, you won’t be able to reach potential customers. Thankfully, an email verifier can solve these issues before they even occur.

Catch-all and disposable emails detection: while some catch-all email addresses may be valid, others will bounce, hurting your sender reputation. Also, disposable email addresses are risky because they will definitely bounce. When you use an email verifier, you can rest assured that any catch-all and disposable (or temporary) email addresses will be gone from your list.

Artificial Intelligence scoring system for catch-all email addresses: this system verifies catch-all emails and tells you what your most valuable leads are. It does this by analyzing your subscribers’ activity levels. Content is king, but engagement is the queen and knowing whom to engage with and how can add heaps of value to your marketing efforts.

Email Append: this is how you can learn more about your subscribers

Speaking of engagement, adding metadata to your email addresses is what all email marketers should be doing. It gives you the opportunity to build personas instead of emailing blindly and hoping something sticks. Intelligence has never been overrated and with features such as Email Address List Append, you can add intelligence your email lists for truly exceptional results.

You can try a free email verifier Whether you do email marketing occasionally or it’s your full-time job, investing in email verification tools is essential. Oftentimes, it can be the only way to ensure you are able to continue doing what you love. As laws and checks become more stringent, and metrics ever more critical in a competitive world, free email verifier validation tools such as the one provided by Zerobounce ensure you continue doing business and succeed in your endeavors.

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