Everything You Need To Know About Managed Security Operations Center

It is 2021 and we still hear about ransomware attacks that paralyze companies. Most of these cyber attacks could have been avoided if only companies implemented simple security solutions.

9 cybersecurity tips - infographic
9 cybersecurity tips – infographic

However, if you don’t have a cybersecurity team of your own, outsourcing cybersecurity services and investing in Managed Security Operations Center could be the right option for your company. Here is everything you need to know about the Managed Security Operations Center.

What has Managed SOC?

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) is an outsourced 24/7 cybersecurity service based in the cloud. Managed SOC vendors like Predica use e.g. Azure Sentinel to AI-power the service. Thanks to SIEM, Predica monitors and analyzes any suspicious activity. Using the SOAR approach, Predica’s team of cybersecurity experts deploy the appropriate response to emerging threats.

The top benefits of outsourcing cybersecurity cloud technology

1. You get instant protection

Establishing your SOC team, building infrastructure and implementing software takes time. By choosing SOC as a service you get instant protection.

2. It is cost-effective

A managed SOC is usually far less expensive than establishing an on-premise SOC. 

3. Your security is in the hands of experts

Managed SOC saves you the trouble. Managed SOC vendors like Predica are cybersecurity experts and they take care of everything, so you will not be bothered.

How does Managed Security Operations Center work?

Cloud-powered technology monitors any potential threats, and certified analysts mitigate anomalies. Depending on the level of protection you need, Predica provides you with 4 teams of experts to help you. These teams are: R&D team (DevSecOps), Blue team (cyberdefense), Red team (penetration testing), Project team (transforming security processes).

Who is it for?

Managed SOC is a cloud-based cybersecurity service that can be beneficial for companies with no security team and those companies that are already using a standard SIEM solution. Managed SOC gives you complete protection and ensures getting an automated response to up to 70% of incidents. 

Why choose Predica’s solution based on Microsoft Azure Sentinel?

The company assures that this solution is 67% faster to deploy and 48% cheaper than others. Also, there are no up-front costs. Their available cloud solutions embrace Azure Sentinel, Azure DevOps, Azure Lighthouse, Machine learning models, CSP. When choosing Predica cybersecurity services you get Azure Cloud Optimizer services completely for free.

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