Exploit Pack is a well-integrated open source tool for conducting professional penetration tests. As like any other penetration testing tool it requires understanding and expertise.

It contains over 38000+ exploits together with zero-days and it supports all the operating systems as targets including Windows, Linux, Unix, Minix, SCO, Solaris, OSX, etc. and even mobile and web platforms.

Exploit pack offers a Graphical user-friendly Interface that supports rapid reconfiguration to adapt exploit codes to the constantly evolving threat environment.


It has been designed by experienced software developers and exploits writers to automate processes so that penetration testers can focus on what’s really important.

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Anyone with very little will use Exploit Pack to run a deep security testing. It is available for Windows, Linux, and OSX. It is the best alternative for Metasploit.

Exploit pack reacts faster in detecting and analyzing cyber-security incidents by rapidly reacting on the integration of both, offensive and defensive security. It Objectively measures threats, vulnerabilities, impact, and risks associated with it.

“we provide our users with operational exploits and security tools to prevent disasters and measure security and active risks,” says the exploit pack creator Juan Sacco.

The free community edition of the pack contains 400+ exploits, professional pack 38.000+ exploits, and the Premium Pack contains 38.000+ exploits and Zero days.

They use to distribute the packages through the web or as an encrypted bundle and the installation is by just expanding the desired tree and get all the arsenal you need.


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