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10 Best ExtraTorrents Proxy List & ExtraTorrent Alternatives For 2019 (100% Working)

Extratorrents Proxy is an excellent torrent spot to access all your favorite torrent downloads so that you can simply download and watch all your favorite movies, shows, series for free.

We all know very well that the maximum number of users likes to play games, watch movies and series, but what if you will get the option to do so for free!!! Sounds really exciting right, actually, it’s not impossible to do so and not so hard as well, that’s what we are going to show you here in this article.

The term “Free” is one of the most exciting and lucrative words that we can find, and for the word “Free”, the popularity and number of torrent portals are increasing steadily.

Why ExtraTorrents Is Best one Among Other Portals?

Basically, these type portals simply allow the users to get any type of content for free, like movies, software, eBooks, TV series, games, music, and much more.

And on the internet, we can find many torrent portals like this, but, here the main thing that you have to remember is you have to choose the best and secure portals to download any types of content for free.

Among those, ExtraTorrents is one of the best portals that have driven the largest number of users on its portal via organic search results only. 

As its database was huge, but unfortunately, in June 2018, it stopped working, which caused panic among the users of this well-known torrent portal.

But the fact is that, if you are also the user of this portal and worrying about what to do now, then don’t worry, as we have a solution for your worry.

Hence, simply be ready to save them all on your browser’s bookmark folder, so that they don’t get out of the track, and somehow, if suddenly any of them stops working, then you can simply browse another one from the list that we have mentioned below in this article.

Is ExtraTorrents Banned?

Apart from all these things, we all know that by the end of 2017 the police and Interpol authorities have come together simply to take down all the torrent portals, as they violate the copyright of the content they share and illegally generates millions of dollars by distributing them via torrent portals.

However, currently, there were already hundreds of portals that had been closed by the FBI and Interpol authorities, which unfortunately included ExtraTorrents as well.

However, as we told earlier, that apart from ExtraTorrents, we have other well-known portals on the list, where you will get all your favorite content for completely free.

ExtraTorrents Proxy

Generally, a proxy sites are nothing more than an intermediate server that requests data from the site you want to access on its behalf and returns the data received.

Now many of you might be thinking, “so what”? Actually, this guarantees the security of your IP address; in simple words, it hides your IP address on the original website. 

In general, proxy websites are simply used as a means to hide your IP address and access content without allowing the website to track you.

As the popularity of ET (ExtraTorrents) has simply led many torrent supporters and fans to create proxy and ET mirror sites, which simply helps you to easily download the content available on the original website despite its prohibition.

Moreover, when the websites or web portals get globally banned or get banned in some specific countries, we can simply use proxy sites or mirror sites to access them.

And apart from all these things, there are many ExtraTorrents proxy sites available on the internet, and we can simply use them if the original ExtraTorrents portal does not work.

10 Best Extratorrents Proxy List

So, now, without wasting much time, let’s get started and simply explore the whole list of best and 100% working ExtraTorrents proxy for 2019.

Moreover, while choosing an ExtraTorrent Proxy, you must access an ET server. As the speed of ET Proxy servers varies, hence, it is very essential that we should always select a proper Proxy site only, which will simply offer us excellent speed.

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10 Best ExtraTorrents Alternatives

We all know that these types of portals were created simply due to their popularity, and not only that, they are constantly visited by millions of users as well.

However, here, the fact is that the authorities are also aware of them and constantly seeking to close them.

Hence, for that reason, despite the news of the closure of ExtraTorrents, we are here with the well-known ExtraTorrents alternatives.

  • Kickass Torrents
  • Ettv.tv
  • Isohunts
  • 1337X
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS
  • LimeTorrents
  • Zooqle
  • EZTV

Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents is one of the oldest and most successful torrent portals available on the internet simply due to the huge amount of files uploaded, and not only that, even all of them are verified for the operation as well.

However, after the site was closed, the developers of the portal simply moved to a new domain known as “Katcr.co” with the same design and new database, which is heavily loaded with new content.

Positive Points:-

  • It offers a massive database that is loaded with content like music, software, movies, eBooks, and much more.
  • It offers a very natural and simple user-friendly UI.



This well-known torrent portal simply seeks to offer simple and secure links to all its users, as here you will find all types of content from the popular uploaders who had moved to other websites.

However, the most remarkable thing is that this torrent portal is completely safe and reliable, which means that you will not find any broken and spammy URLs.

Moreover, the portal always seeks to expand and add new categories on the site to offer more files simply to attract more users.

While now, if we talk about the UI, then let me clarify that its operation and interface is really simple to use, and not only that even you will find popular files, get recommendations, and perform a specific search as well.

Positive points:-

  • It offers a very simple user interface.
  • It offers an extensive and well-organized torrent library.


ExtraTorrents proxy

This platform is very popular and old, but unfortunately, sometimes ago, it was suddenly disappeared, and now, once again, it has reappeared with a new domain name, known as “isoHunt.to.”

Though it is new, but it simply retains all the aspect that characterizes it along with all the same functions.

Now, if we talk about the user interface of the portal, then let clarify that it has a torrent search in the column on the left side, where you will find options like anime, software, games, movies, music, TV series and others.

Positive points:-

  • It offers a very intuitive user interface.
  • It offers a heavily loaded database of content like music, software, movies, eBooks, and much more.



RARBG website has a classic look, and it simply accomplishes its objectives very well. Yes, here in this portal, you can find thousands of URLs to download the content of all kinds very fast.

However, apart from all these things, you have to note that they don’t verify all links, hence, before downloading, we strongly recommend you to read the comments carefully, as they may contain viruses or broken links. And not only that, even this portal is completely furnished with annoying ads.

Positive points:-

  • It offers a classic and simple look.
  • It offers all types of content like music, movies, TV series, and much more.



1337X is one of the most popular torrent portals that you can find on the internet.

Even its appearance also does not resemble any of the other torrent portals on the internet. As it is completely and constantly updated and maintained by its developers simply to offer a modern and user-friendly design.

Now, apart from its UI design, it is also very efficient and powerful, as in this portal, you can find millions of verified torrent files.

Positive points:-

  • It offers an outstanding selection of movies, TV series, and games.
  • It offers a set of useful search functions.


It is one of the well-known and most trusted torrent portals on the internet, and basically, this is a torrent link search engine.

As here in this portal, it is enough to enter the name of the file to be searched, and the site will simply show us a full list of downloadable links from the main torrent portals.

And not only that, even just below the search engine, you can see a list of the most popular files as well, as this will help the users who really don’t know or confused what to download.

However, apart from all these things, the main advantage of this torrent portal is that it has a huge database that is stored in all P2P internet websites, which means if you are not able to find what you want on this platform, then it will be surely available on any other torrent portal.

Positive points:-

  • It is one of the best and popular torrent search engine.
  • It is very easy to use, as it simply offers a very simple and user-friendly UI.


YTS is one of the most popular torrent portals available on the internet, which is basically designed to view all kinds of movies.

However, recently, it has changed its domain name simply due to the copyright issues, and not only that, even after changing its name, it has managed to successfully recover, and once again, it is offering thousands of torrent files just like before.

Apart from all these things, and unlike other torrent portals, here in this portal, users can simply make or raise requests for the content to which portal operators respond efficiently, and it’s really unique.

Positive points:-

  • It offers a wide range of movies.
  • It offers quality and light torrents.


Though it was started as a small website, but the fact is that it has been growing in recent years simply to reach the efficiency of the most popular sites and be a reference for the best P2P download websites or portals.

The user interface has a very elegant and soury design which is actually motivated by lemons, yes, it means whenever you will visit or open this portal, you will find everything in greenish tones.

Moreover, this portal simply offers its users specific search tools which are very efficient and powerful, as these tools will simply help you out if you do not have the exact name of the program you want to watch.

Positive points:-

  • It offers a very natural and elegant user interface.
  • It offers a powerful set of search tools.


Now after LimeTorrents, comes the Zooqle, it is one of the well-known torrent portals available on the internet, and not only that even it offers more than 37000 movies, 600+ series, TV shows, music, and much more.

Moreover, if we talk about the user interface, then let me clarify that the UI is clear and well-defined, which simply makes it quite easy to use.

Positive points:-

  • It offers z good UI and user-friendly experience.
  • It offers more than 3.5 million verified torrents.


If you are a big fan of TV series, then undoubtedly, you are in the right place, yes, EZTV is one of the most popular torrent portals available on the internet.

It is usually known for being one of the best torrent portals for TV series torrents, and for this reason it also has many active users as well on its portal.

Positive points:-

  • It has a very active user base.
  • It offers a huge collection of TV series.


Downloading via P2P has its own risks, and the most common is to be exposed to all types of malware that comes embedded in the programs and movies that we usually download from these portals.

It means if you will use the torrent portals from unknown sources then those portals can easily compromise or violate your privacy and security.

So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

And if you liked this article, then simply do not forget to share this post with your friends, family, and on your social profiles.


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