Cybercrime evolving as a big business, cybercriminals launch a number of services such as Cybercrime-as-a-service and Ransomware as a service, where they offer hacking tools and ransomware as a service in dark web markets.

The dark web markets remain as a place for selling stolen credit cards, the underground offers hacker-for-hire services, hacking tools, tutorials and more. These dark web markets are accessible through anonymization services such as Tor or I2P.

Also, cybercriminals offering Cybercrime-as-a-service that includes DDoS tools, Malware, Banking data, credit card data, and Ransomware.

According to the Fractl investigation report, the cost of user data is very nominal in dark web markets. These dark web markets part of the deep web that hosted in the Encrypted network and it can be reached via browser like Tor.

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Fractl monitored the listings of top Dark web Markets Dream, Point and Wall Street Market for months. An individual’s complete online identity, including personal identification numbers and hacked financial accounts, can be sold in dark web for $1,200.

Facebook credentials sold on the dark web for just $5.20 per account and they allow cybercriminals to obtain complete control over your account and post variety of scams. Gmail accounts are sold for $1 per account.

Paypal account that contains high balance sold for $247 and the Uber accounts with high balance for $7 according to Fractl report.

“A college student with not a considerable measure of cash in the bank may be worth $50,” Pascual said. “In case you’re close retirement, with a fat retirement record and a lot of cash in the bank, you’ll be worth more.”

Login details of food website GrubHub sold for $9 and the Airbnb account credentials for $8. Voter’s data also remain vulnerable. According to The Guardian report, Britain-based data analysis Cambridge Analytica harvested more than 50 million user profile without user’s consent and the data used in 2016 US election campaigns.
dark web markets

When identity theft happens, it is extremely hard to recoup the data that Cyber-Criminals have stolen. Commonly, we aren’t even mindful of how or when it happened.

That’s why it’s always better to take proactive security measures that will prevent fraudsters from stealing the personal details and information.

To prevent the identity theft it is recommended to enable to 2FA (two-factor authentication) in all possible circumstances.

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