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Facebook announced new location privacy control future for Android users that allows users to control their location data that collects by Facebook.

Android provides an option for its users to control their location by turn off/on that helps to control the location data whether Facebook or other apps collection users precise location.

Facebook users frequently asking one of the important questions that whether Facebook collect the data from users who don’t even use Facebook Account.

In order to answer this question, Facebook introduced this new future for a new background location control on Facebook.

This new tool provides control for Facebook users to turn off/on the location setting whether you want Facebook to collect your data when you’re not using the Facebook app.

In the previous setting, users turned on location setting which means that Facebook can collect the user’s data even when they aren’t using the app but the new location privacy control background location settings provide control users let Facebook stop collecting the location data when users are not opted-in.

Paul McDonald, Engineering Director, Facebook said ” For people who previously chose to turn their Location History setting “on,” the new background location setting is “on.” For people who had turned Location History “off” – or never turned it on in the first place – the new background location setting is “off.” “

You can find the location privacy control option by clicking the Settings & Privacy > Settings > Location > Location Settings, where you can see the new option called Background Location to Turn off/on.

“We’re alerting everyone using the Facebook app on an Android device who chose to turn on Location History in the past, letting them know about the new control, and asking them to take a moment to check that their settings are right for them. If you’ve never turned on Location History, you don’t have to do anything. We won’t turn either of these settings on unless you specifically tell us to.” Facebook Quoted in their statement.

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