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419 Million Facebook user accounts exposed online from an unsecured server that includes a unique Facebook ID and the phone number listed with the account.

The details are exposed from the server that doesn’t have any password protection, the database is accessible for anyone who knows the server’s IP.

The exposed details include 419 million records on users across the globe, among that 133 million records on the account associated with U.S. based users, 18 million U.K. users and 50 million Vietnam users.

Security researcher, Sanyam Jain identified the database and reported to TechCrunch. Jain able to verify the phone numbers of several celebrities.

TechCrunch able to verify the Facebook user’s phone number against the Facebook ID and some of the record’s include user’s name, gender, and location by country.

Facebook Spokesperson Jay Nancarrow said, that the data are an old one and they are scrapped before Facebook disabled the ability to search other people’s account using the phone number.

“The data set has been taken down and we have seen no evidence that Facebook accounts were compromised,” he added.

But it is still unknown on who scrapped the data and how the data was scraped from Facebook. The social media giant involves in several security incidents starting from Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Recently Facebook revealed that they stored tens of millions of Facebook password in plain text including thousand of the Instagram password.

Facebook launched a new tool dubbed Off-Facebook Activity, which allows you to control and view the apps and websites that send information to Facebook about your interest and activity.

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