Cloudflare announced DNS service for everyone and to note this is the first service consumer-focused service offered by Cloudflare.

According to DNSPerf rank’s number of one and it is faster than anything else.For all the Ip4 address you can use the resolver and, for IPv6, the resolvers are 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001.

Cloudflare reduces the latency by building the data centers all around the globe. “we want everyone to be within 10 milliseconds of at least one of our locations“. Instead of using centralized cache it uses the innovative distributed cache.

With DNS service, Cloudflare also enhances privacy-protection mechanisms, they are not writing the querying IP addresses to disk and wipes all the logs within 24 hours and the transactions with a week.

Cloudflare says “We will never log your IP address (the way other companies identify you). And we’re not just saying that. We’ve retained KPMG to audit our systems annually to ensure that we’re doing what we say“.


Why they launched service on April 1st “they planned to reach a wider audience and the same time it has 4 1s“. Cloudflare says “the product was built to make the Internet better, more secure, more reliable, and more efficient“.

With DNS service one can query the non-Cloudflare domain names with 14ms globally, and for the domain’s using Authoritative Cloudflare DNS there be added benefit as the resolver and the recursor in the same network.

We have tested and here is the result. Integration is very easy and it can be done in minutes without any third party software.

Cloudflare also published a guide on how to configure the service on iPhone, MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Router. The easily rememberableDNS service is a joint venture of Cloudflare and APNIC. Cloudflare provides the IP address and APNIC had the IP address (

Yet another free service “Quad9” that launched last year November, keeps blocking you against known malicious domains and prevents your computer and IoT devices from connecting to malware or phishing sites.

To use Quad9 DNS service change your computer preferred DNS server to, then your request will be routed through Quad9 DNS instead of your ISP default DNS.

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