Firefox version 61.0 released for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with new Security tools, Performance Improvements, and Security Fixes. Firefox the second largest browser with Browser Market Share of 11.47%.

Security Improvements – Firefox version 61.0

Starting from version 61.0, by default firefox supports for the latest draft of TLS 1.3. It is a major redesign of TLS 1.2.

Loading FTP subresource loads, like images, scripts, and iframes, relying on the insecure FTP protocol within a non-FTP document will be blocked.

Also, Firefox fixed some critical security flaws that cause Integer and buffer overflow. For Complete list of security, Advisory click here.


Firefox Monitor

Firefox launched a new tool partnered with that allows users to check that their accounts have been compromised in a data breach.

By entering the email address Firefox Monitor uses HaveIBeenPwned database to check that their accounts were included in known data breaches.

The data exchange between Firefox Monitor and HaveIBeenPwned anonymized by using k-Anonymity, when the user submits the email address it hashes and only first 6 characters will be sent to HaveIBeenPwned to check the Email address is compromised or not.

For Google Chrome a free extension PassProtect that checks your password with by using k-anonymity communication protocol.

Performance Improvement

More search engines added with address bar “Search with” tool.
Improved bookmark syncing
Faster Page rendering feature.
Faster tab switching option on Windows and Linux
Web extensions to run own process on MacOS

Issues not fixed

If you are an Avast or AVG security software user you may get an SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error when accessing the HTTPS site, to mitigate that user’s need to uncheck the feature from Antivirus.


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