Five Effective Tips to Gain Learner’s Attention

Most often the managers and the L&D department get carried away on how to create how to provide the best content and tutors while offering the employee training. Only a handful of managers think about how they can gain the attention of the learners so that they get more involved with the training programs. At the end of the day, you don’t want your employees to be disengaged with the training after doing all the hard yards of investing lots of time and money into the course.

These days most organizations are preferring online training over offline because it is cost-effective, flexible, and efficient at the same time. Of course, online learning has also had its disadvantages like more distraction and less engagement, etc. To counter these issues, organizations are investing in learning management systems like HSI which have interactive features like chats, Q&As, and other engaging features. However, not only technology, you need to revisit a few of your strategies and make an effective plan to gain the attention of your learners. To help you better with this, we have listed down a few tips that can help you.

1)Make the content exciting:

Most of your employees get disengaged with training because of the same old-fashioned content. With the abundance of knowledge available on the internet, there should be an exciting reason why your learner should pay attention to your content. Make the content interesting by adding new things and making it in the language familiar to your learners. When the brain sees something new, it tends to pay attention to it more. 

2)Make it visually appealing:

As human beings, we all are generally inclined to look at visually appealing things. Make your content appealing by using animations, infographics, and other interactive elements. Also, instead of text-based content, use videos to keep it more interactive. But, never overload it with only video graphics as it can become monotonous. Find the right balance between text and videos.

3)Connect with your learners:

If you can keep the sessions interactive, there is no way you learners get disconnected. Use real-life scenarios, examples and correlate them with the learning concepts.  If the lectures are relevant, the learners tend to retain the knowledge well. You can also add humor and add exciting elements to make the session more interesting. Making informal discussions in the lecture can also help, you can celebrate birthdays, ask them to share special moments in their careers, and much more. But, you need to know where to draw the line as well.

4)Involve your learners:

Because most organizations offer online training these days, it’s important to let your learners be active during the lecture as they have so many distractions on the internet. Ask questions in between, after completion of every concept as your learners if they have some things to add or you can even ask them to type their responses in the chatbox as well. There are so many ways to make your learners involved during the lectures. 

5)Keep the content short:

Nobody is interested and has the patience to go through large text content. So, to make the content more precise, add bullet points that are important and cut off the information that is not needed. When going through the content, your learners usually don’t have much time as they would be caught up in several other works. In this case, short bullet points will help them understand the crux of the concept and help to retain the knowledge easily as well.


All the strategies that are mentioned above will help as they make the content more interesting, involve the learners in the lectures, and connect with them emotionally. However, you can think out of the box and include strategies that are relevant to your course, organization, and employees.


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