Android or iOS phones are generally utilized over the world and they are an essential piece of our everyday lives. We invest a great deal of energy looking at smartphones. Technology can be helped much of the time, it likewise represents a hazard and it is imperative that guardians focus on the manner by which their children utilize their Smartphones.

If you want to spy on a phone, but do not want to root your smartphone, we know this is not possible using any default application. In spite of all this, we have something to be happy as we can use a third party service which will help you to monitor phone activities without Rooting. In this article am going to share one of the best such service called as FoneMonitor Application.

FoneMonitor serves a useful function as a protector in protecting kids from potential dangers like being addicted to the games, cyber-violence, pornography, bad temptation and more. Also, when it comes to workplace management, FoneMonitor can monitor employees’ Android phones to manage their activities in working time.

Installation process

First, you have to create a FoneMonitor account for yourself which will be used to check the activities of the mounted device. Once created you need to complete the Setup process, where it required to fill in the phone number that you want to monitor.

FoneMonitor Application

Key Features

  • Monitor Text Message
  • FoneMonitor gives us the option to view the message the monitored Android or iOS device, including name, number, content, and attachments.
  • Track GPS Location.
  • This application also provides an advantage of the track the exact location where the target Android or iOS device is. Also, know the route history that the monitored iPhone and Android device has been.
  • Monitor Call Logs & Check Contacts

Users can spy the phone calls on the target phones and show you the info like name, phone number, duration, data and call type. You also have the option to hack phone contacts on the target device including names, phone numbers, address, group, organization, emails, etc. Users also have an added advantage contact lists detected by FoneMonitor can be downloaded to the local.

Track Internet History

Using this application you can track all the web pages the user has visited recently and associated data, such as page title and time of visit.

Monitor Application Activities

Monitor all installed apps, access to the downloaded photos and videos from them on any Android or iOS platform as you want.

Monitor Social Media Application

You will also have the option to spy on social application activities like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, Hike, IMO, Line, Vine. Most benefit will be for parents who can read and see what their child is chatting or posting and sharing online.


Keystroke logging frequently alluded to as keylogging or keyboard capturing, is the activity of recording the keys struck on a keyboard, normally secretly, with the goal that the individual utilizing the keyboard is uninformed that their activities are being observed.

So using this application user can also have the option to record each keystroke that user type and save as a document.

In conclusion, FoneMonitor is best and safe for both Android & iOS monitoring software application to Monitor your targeted mobile activities remotely without rooting.

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