Fortinet NSE4 Training to become better at Fortigate Security

Fortinet has many certification tracks. One of the most popular Fortinet Certifications is NSE 4 FortiGate Security.

Currently, the version is 7 but there are many devices out there running with v6.4, thus when you study for the exam, we recommend you to learn both the versions and the differences between the two for being well-prepared for the real-life network and security environments as well. A Good Fortinet NSE4 training covers both the NSE4 6.4 and NSE4 v7 topics too.

For the NSE4 Fortigate Security exam, you should know these

Overall you need to understand the basic functions of the FortiGate Firewall, including security profiles.

You need to learn the operation of firewall policies, Security Fabric, user authentication, SSL VPN, and how to protect a network using security profiles such as IPS, antivirus, web filtering, application control, and more.

These fundamentals of administration should provide you with a solid understanding of how to implement basic network security.

What you should expect from a good Fortinet Training Vendor

After completing the NSE4 Fortogate Security training with e good vendor that has a lot of real-life experience, you should expect to be good at:

  • Arrange a suitable mode of operation for the network.
  • Use of CLI and GUI for the administration
  • Determine the important characteristics of Fortinet security fabric.
  • Control the access of the network to configure it with the help of firewall policies.
  • Apply port forwarding, source NAT, and destination NAT.
  • Apply Port, Source, and Destination NAT
  • Genuine use of Firewall policies
  • Deep understanding of encryption certificates and functions
  • TLS/SSL- secured traffic inspection to prevent encryption using bypass policies of security
  • Designing security policies for neutralizing misuse and threats, including torrents, inappropriate websites, and viruses
  • Utilizing application control methods to control and monitor network applications that might use non-standard or standard ports and protocols.
  • Denial of the services and fight hacking.
  • Provide an SSL VPN for the access to a secure private network
  • Interpret and collect log entries

We recommend you to evaluate the training vendors and definitely ask them also whether they have a study group, or one-to-one mentorship when it comes to training. Because after you finish NSE4 Fortigate Security, you would like to get expert help for the next steps, what should be the next to learn, which certificate you should continue to study, and so on.

Also, when you have a question, you should be able to ask and discuss it with the instructors and the other Fortinet Experts.

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