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Serious security flaws found in free Android antivirus apps expose user’s address book and also let the attackers disable antivirus protection completely. Even a lot of the app’s failed to detect the test virus.

Based on the analysis from Comparitech of 21 free Android antiviruses, three apps contains serious security flaws, seven apps failed to detect the virus. “In total, 47% of the vendors we tested failed in some way.”

Security Vulnerabilities in Android antivirusVIPRE, BullGuard and AEGISLAB are three antivirus app that poses serious risks to user privacy.

VIPRE and BullGuard affected with Insecure Direct Object References, AEGISLAB and BullGuard with XSS.



  • VIPRE – If address book sync enabled attackers can steal the contacts.
  • VIPRE – Attacker can send fake alerts.
  • BullGuard – Let hackers disable antivirus.


  • BullGuard – Vulnerable script let attackers insert malicious codes.
  • AEGISLAB – Vulnerable script let attackers insert malicious codes.

All the vulnerabilities have been reported by Comparitech to the vendors and the vulnerabilities have been patched.

Free Android Antivirus apps Failed to Detect Virus

Following are the apps that failed to detect the test virus

  • AEGISLAB Antivirus Free
  • Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus & Security
  • Brainiacs Antivirus System
  • Fotoable Super Cleaner
  • MalwareFox Anti-Malware
  • NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus Free
  • Tap Technology Antivirus Mobile
  • Zemana Antivirus & Security

User privacy is a key concern, vendors keen to grab users personal activities and habits to push targeted ads, according to the report, “dfndr security was far and away from the worst offender. It puts users search and browser habits up for sale on every ad exchange there is.”

Choosing the Best Antivirus for Android is the most important concern to protect your Andriod device from sophisticated cyber threats. Here we detailed a list of top 10 best antivirus for android that offers maximum protection.

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