BitDam launches a free Email Security Penetration Testing tool to determine the organization’s security posture against advanced threats.

The Email accounts are the tempting targets for hackers, they find every possible way to infiltrate your email accounts as they are the unique identifiers for your online account logins.

According to BitDam “instances of one malicious file for up to every 3K emails sent. This indicates that the likelihood is high for an enterprise to receive a cyber attack at any time. BitDam’s free PenTest helps organizations understand where their vulnerabilities lie.”

By using the PenTest tool organizations can determine the effectiveness of the security tool by detecting it’s strength and weaknesses.

With the Free Email Security Penetration Testing Tool, you can send any attack emails, if it gets delivered then there is a failure with some point in security. BitDam assures the PenTest results are private, even to BitDam.

You can access the free Email Security Penetration Testing tool for free from here, also you can scan the files for infection.

“BitDam offers a free, no obligation email PenTest available online. BitDam sends a controlled test, that includes a series of file-based cyberattacks, to a designated account.”

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