Gaming as a profession and eSports Championships

Gone are the times when individuals that play games all day are tagged as unserious. And this is because gaming has evolved beyond hobbies and recreation; now, we have it as a profession. There are so many opportunities in the gaming industry, and several people are making good use of them.

Of all the subdivisions of gaming, one that seems to excel the most is eSports. It has gone on a global scale where championships and events surround eSports promotions. Another notable expansion is its introduction into the gambling industry.

Not only can you watch events, but you can also wager to win real money. There are so many betting sites that offer it, and you should check to know more about them. And you will also learn how eSports betting has paved a higher level of gambling for players.

Is Gaming a Feasible Career?

Amidst the hype of the gaming industry, there are so many questions that aim to know whether it is a career you can rely on. The statistics show that the gaming industry, especially the eSports sector, is worth billions of dollars, so the industry is rich if it is about the money.

However, one major cause for concern is the longevity of the career. Is it life-long? The truth about the industry is that you can do it as a long-term career choice; however, you need to take it a step further. You can’t bank on playing games alone as it is not sustainable in the long run. Luckily, the gaming industry is not monotonic, and there are so many diversifications like:

  • Coach
  • Analyst
  • PR Team
  • Referee
  • Journalist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Agent

And so much more.

The opportunities are limitless, and you don’t need to know how to code to thrive in the industry. There is beauty in diversification.

Is eSports a Good Career Option?

The gaming industry is so broad; however, one sector that stands out anytime, any day, is the eSports sector. This branch alone generates millions of dollars in revenue, and it is projected to do even billions soon. More people are gaining interest in eSports, and they already have an audience of over 450 million globally.

In fact, eSports is one of the few industries bold enough to host tournaments and competitions in big stadiums. And the most interesting part? They can fill up these stadiums and provide one of the most electrifying atmospheres. So, yes, eSports is a great career option, and you only need to attend one championship to get the conviction.

What is the Future of eSports?

The projections speculate that eSports has an interesting future ahead. Spectators are increasing; more gamers are showing interest, and the popularity is increasing, so certainly, the future is bright and more investors are coming in. Another notable evolution is the technologies used in the championships.

We are seeing Virtual Reality at its finest in eSports. Companies like Intel, ESL, and Oculus created a VR Challenger League, the best VR league globally, and we saw it in full action at the Intel Extreme Masters back in 2018.

Virtual Reality brought about full hands-on and physical interaction for players. Watching events doesn’t have to be players sitting in front of screens; you get to see hand movements, signals, voice commands, etc.

Another interest that the eSports industry is building on is Augmented Reality. The combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality would change the narrative for both fans and players. Players would be able to witness the full action in 3D without looking at the screens. Instead, it would be like they are in the game with the players.

With the present pace and future projections of eSports, you don’t need an analyst to tell you that the industry’s future is bright and with huge potential.

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