Hackers launched ransomware attacks on Chinese Government department and infected their internal computer network to lock the file and demand the ransom.

The Gandcrab Ransomware is a widespread Ransomware, nowadays it evolves with newly updated features under constant development, to target various countries.

Cybercriminals initiated this attack from outside of the country to target the government departments network.

The attack starts from March 11, 2019, using recently updated GANDCRABV5.2 latest upgraded ransomware version in February 2019 with newly added functionalities.

Gandcrab ransomware was distributed through various form of attacks such as social media campaigns, exploit kit, weaponized office documents, and compromised websites.

In this case, attackers launched this ransomware via spam email campaign with a malicious file attachment which has dropped into the Chinese Government network.

China’s National Network and Information Security Information Center have reported to the country officials that attackers are targeting government department website emails to drop this Gandcrab ransomware.

Malicious Emails contain version 5.2 of the GandCrab ransomware hidden as an archive named “03-11-19.rar.”

Further investigation reveals that it will encrypt the hard disk data of the user host and let the victim user access the URL to download the Tor browser.

In this case, Attackers demand the ransom via digital currency, for that ransomware open the digital currency payment window and asks the victim to pay the ransom.

The demanded ransom sum is not disclosed in the statement and Chinese government officials are yet to disclose the damages that caused by this Ransomware attacks.

All units are required to conduct risk warnings, investigate, and report any future attacks. Officials said.

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