Gas Stations Hacked

French Authorities arrested five men hacking group who stole more than 120,000 Litres of fuels from French gas stations.

The hack was done through a remote control that they bought on the Internet, the attackers compromise the fuel stations by passing a manual code and empty the tanks.

The attackers managed to unlock the pumps that have default security code 0000 for the service stations. Criminals execute the attack on a partnership basis, they use to visit the fuel stations in multiple vehicles.

Man in first vehicle use to unlock the Fuel stations with the remote control by passing a manual code and then the second man comes in a van with the tanker that store 2,000 liters.

By using this method attackers can steal around 2,000 to 3,000 liters of fuel in at a single time. They use to target the small isolated gas stations at night hours. Each time they stole hundreds of gasoline and diesel.

The group suspected of stealing more than € 150,000 worth of fuel according to the report and they resale the fuel in Val-d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis at a cheaper price.

Authorities arrested the five men group aged thirties and forties, they were stolen 120,000 liters of that worth € 150,000.

Russian Authorities uncovered stealthy malware installed on dozens of gas stations that let customers into paying more than the Fuel pumped into their car tank.

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