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GCHQ – Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response Program to Become an Expert in Cyber Incident Handling

After the incredibly successful Incident Response training in 2017, Cyber Management Alliance is delighted to be returning to India for two exclusive UK GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response programs to be delivered in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore in October 2018.

Cyber Management Alliance is a UK Government Certified Cyber Security training provider.  The training is delivered by UK Government Certified Cyber Security expert and Global CISO and Trusted Advisor to UK Government Entities, Amar Singh. The training comes with an optional GCHQ Certified Training examination.

Incident Response training

Participants can embrace Amar’s knowledge and expertise on the complex and in-demand subject of cybersecurity and incident response.

For further details and information on how to register, please visit:-

Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Mumbai

Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Bangalore

Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Chennai

Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Hyderabad

Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Delhi

Over 250 organisations in 15 different countries have attended the training including United Nations, UK, Indian, Belgium, and Czech police forces, UK and Indian Government entities, Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, British Medical Association, Switzerland National Bank, IBM, EY, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant and many others.

Attendees have included CRO’s, CIO’s, CISO’s. CEO’s, Auditors, Senior Management, Information Security Managers, BCP Managers, Network Engineers, CIRT Team Members and even Service Delivery managers. 

Places are limited, so we would suggest you fill in the form on the website to notify Cyber Management Alliance of your intention to attend.

View feedback from previous courses in India. Click here.

Modules – GCHQ

  • Understand the Threat Actors.
  • Attack Tress.
  • Before the Incident Strategy Mind Map.
  • Cyber Kill Chain.
  • Attack Methodologies.
  • Baseline Security.
  • User-Based Approach to Detection.
  • Building the Cyber Response Team.
  • Incident analysis & forensics.
  • Concepts, Methodologies & Techniques
  • The Technologies.
  • Incident Management.
  • Cyber Incidents – Real Examples & Responses.
  • Threat Intelligence Led Incident Response.
  • After the Incident Processes and Strategies

What You Will Learn – GCHQ

  •  Learn the latest techniques and insight into incident response.
  • Learn the business impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber attacks.
  • How to design an early warning system to lower discovery time from months to days Create actionable plans & checklists to use today.
  • Understand, define and baseline “Normal” within your organization.
  • Design and implement a response framework and build an effective cyber response team.
  • Learn about the “golden hour” and why it is critical to managing an incident.
  • Understand the basic application of incident triage, OODA, and the Diamond Methodology.
  • Deep dive into how cybercriminals use the Cyber Kill Chain attack methodology and how you can implement controls at various layers of the kill chain.
  • Analyse recent attacks and learn how these attacks avoided detection.


  • Interactive & Immersive – Ask the Trainer
  • Group Exercises.
  • Lunch and refreshments included.

UK Government GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) course is a one day immersive, intensive and interactive workshop for a non-technical audience. There will also be an option to sit a GCT (GCHQ Certified Training) examination on the day.

DON’T TAKE CMA’s WORD FOR IT….. watch feedback from previous India course attendees

If you have any further questions, you can contact Cyber Management Alliance  [email protected] or call +91-93217 18448


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