GhangorCloud Introduces Next Generation Unified Compliance & Data Privacy Enforcement Solution

One of the biggest challenges that global organizations face is the pervasive risk of serious fines as mandated by consumer data privacy regulations. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is among the toughest data protection laws. Under the GDPR, the EU’s data protection authorities can impose fines of up to €20 million (roughly $20,372,000), or 4% of worldwide turnover for the preceding financial year – whichever is higher. Companies that fail to comply with data privacy mandates risk not only financial exposure but also operational and reputational losses.

In response, leading intelligent information security and data privacy compliance enforcement provider, GhangorCloud, has announced the company’s patented Compliance and Privacy Enforcement (CAPETM) solution. The CAPE platform automates tasks associated with data discovery, data classification, data mapping and consumer privacy compliance enforcement in real time across all regulatory compliance mandates including GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, PCI, PDPB, PDPL and other data privacy laws across the globe.

GhangorCloud’s CAPE solution delivers a highly scalable architecture and can be quickly deployed across an enterprise as well as multi-cloud environments. Its’ AI powered eDiscovery Engine identifies and classifies content automatically, generates privacy enforcement policies without requiring tedious manual intervention, and provides real-time enforcement of privacy mandates to minimize risk and exposure while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

“Data compliance and privacy enforcement is a daunting task that involves multiple, complex processes and requires the ability to sieve through large volumes of data corpuses at a very high rate both on-premises and across multi-cloud environments,” said Tarique Mustafa, CEO/CTO, GhangorCloud. “Leveraging our patented Intelligent Automation Engine, the CAPE platform addresses these issues with a modern-day data compliance and privacy system for expeditious and error-free performance of complex tasks, while significantly minimizing the costof enforcement of regulatory compliance and privacy mandates.”

Compliance and Privacy Enforcement (CAPETM) Solution Features Include:

AI Powered Data eDiscovery:

GhangorCloud’s AI powered Data Discovery Engine was architected from the ground up to address the deficiencies and constraints of previous generation data discovery solutions.

  • Complex Data Object Definition: CAPE embodies unique AI based patented technologies that greatly facilitate the definition and discovery process for complex data/information objects that can represent any type of concrete and abstract data or information objects of interest. Virtually any kind of data/information such as structured, unstructured, semi-structured, ordered/unordered sets of data and data sequences can all be modelledand automatically identified and classified.
  • Auto Identification: Incorporates sophisticated patented technology for auto-identification of high granularity canonical as well as complex data objects that involve components with cross modality, cross type, composite structured and unstructured, embedded, or independent canonical data types.
  • Auto Classification: CAPE incorporates a unique Auto-Classification Engine that works with sophisticated data object ontologiesto auto-classify sensitive information. The Auto-Classification engine examines every data/information object in the corpuses and using GhangorCloud’s patented algorithms automatically classifies it into one of the classification types defined in the data object ontology. It can classify sensitive information as granular as specific words and phrases. The Auto-Classification Engine completely replaces the requirement for manual tagging or fingerprinting of sensitive information. It can readily work out-of- the-box and does not require any pre-processing of data or a laborious training / learning process.

Data Mapping

CAPE incorporates a sophisticated Data Mapping Engine that automatically creates a persistent Universal Data Map (UDM) for the data/information objects that exist in the enterprise corpuses. This is a crucial capability that greatly facilitates efficient navigation through large storage systems and corpuses following the lineageof any given data/information object of interest. The UDM created by the Data Mapping Engine is used effectively by the CAPE’s Privacy Enforcement Workflow Engine to automatically generate the Data Subject Request (DSR) and Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) service workflow.

Privacy Request Enforcement

The Privacy Request Enforcement Engine utilizes its Universal Data Map (UDM) and Actor Repository Map (ARM) to correlate Actors (i.e., custodians of data repositories), specific set of repositories over which a given Actor has jurisdiction/authorization and the corresponding operations that they are authorized to perform on the specific data repositories. Using patented AI Algorithms, the engine can automatically discretize the incoming DSAR or DSR jobs into corresponding sets of ‘primitive’ (or atomic) tasks. The ‘primitive’ tasks are then automatically ‘serialized’ into a task sequence using the logical and precedence dependencies between these tasks. The Workflow Engine is equipped with a built-in mechanism to monitor and report the status of the DSAR or DSR fulfillment process, and raise alerts, alarms, or other notifications as appropriate during the fulfillment process.

GhangorCloud’s Compliance and Privacy Enforcement solution is available now. For more information and pricing details, email info@GhangorCloud.com.

Priya James

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