Gmail will block you from attaching Javascript files as Google hopes to extend the steadily developing security of their services.

Gmail already blocks the attachment of certain file types in emails for this very same reason, and those with the .js tag at the end will just be the latest added to the existing list of blocked attachments.

Javascript files are to be blocked after February 13th

As of right now, it’s still possible to add Javascript attachments to emails. As February 13th looming, just around the corner, any individuals or businesses who may use Gmail to send Javascript files may want to start looking for an alternative way to send the files back and forth between colleagues so they aren’t left without a solution on the day.


Google doesn’t give a point by point clarification past the specified “security reasons” for blocking Javascript files.

However, they have highlighted that there are other alternative ways for sending Javascript files forward and backward if clients still need to send these legitimately.

The word legitimately alludes to part of Google’s reasoning as there must not be very many legitimate reasons for attaching this type of file to an email, and for the remaining few people as a collective whole that do have a need, it’s still entirely possible to share Javascript files through two other Google services which include both Drive and Google Cloud Storage.

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If after February 13th rolls around users are still trying to attach .js files to emails before sending, they will be met with an alert in the attachment link that states the file type has been blocked.

There will be a little “help” link which they can click on that will open a popup menu with more details and information why it was blocked.

Gmail Attchment

This information will also be accompanied by other expandable dropdown links which inform the user of why certain email messages with or without attachments get blocked, so they can brush up on other reasons why an email not be allowed to go through if they care to know.

Already blocked file types:




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