Beginning February 8, 2017, Google will demonstrate a flag at the top point of the Gmail interface for clients who are still on Google Chrome Browser v53 and underneath to urge upgrading up to the most recent adaptation of Chrome, as of now on form 55.

Chrome Browser v55 contains a few essential security upgrades. This puts XP and Vista clients in a repulsive circumstance, as the main browser still supported on their working frameworks now remains Firefox 45.

Gmail clients that are still on Windows XP and Windows Vista are to be affected, on the grounds that v49 was the last version form which those those operating systems.

What happens if clients keep on using Chrome Browser v53 and underneath?

  • If you still use older versions of Chrome Browser currently that support has all over, Gmail are a lot of susceptible to security risks and users won’t have access to new options and bugfixes.
  • Gmail can still operate on Chrome Browser v53 and below through the tip of the year. Users World Health Organization stay on Chrome v53 and below can be redirected to the essential markup language version of Gmail as early as Dec 2017.

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