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GoLogin vs MultiLogin vs VMLogin – What’s the Anti-Detect Browsers Difference?

A web browser is a door to the Global Network, allows to surf through different resources, obtain all required information, watch films, earn money, and many more legal and partly legal activities. It depends on the size of the door, what information you can get from the Internet, and what information about yourself you will leave.

There are many wide-use browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari; most of these browsers can be downloaded free of charge and as part of the packaged software.

For example, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are integrated into Microsoft Windows Operating System; Mozilla Firefox is integrated into Linux; Safari is integrated into Mac OS.

Free-of-charge browsers are satisfactory solutions for most users to open different websites and check their content in all formats. But if we can use the Internet without money, something should be left in return, and the payment is our personal data.

Major users do not care about that, but some want to hide their identity and preferences, and one of the solutions is to use the correct web browser – an anti-detect browser.

Or at least use the incognito mode in Google Chrome or their extension Ghostery increasing the speed and user’s safety. In addition to privacy safety, the user will receive fewer advertisements.

Anti-Detect Browsers

Anti-detect browsers provide anonymity, guarantee complete confidentiality, change fingerprints, the user can also use several accounts from one profile. There are enough browsers on the market famous as anti-detect; let’s discuss the three ones: GoLogin, MultiLogin, and VMLogin.

1.     GoLogin

This browser helps manage the user’s fingerprint and adapt all browser parameters (half of a hundred connection appearances available at the moment). The user can have separate accounts in the browser with unique settings (for example, with proxy or without).

Each one is located separately in the cloud with complete data protection and anonymity which is very convenient. This browser is perfect for teamwork as it can provide specific rights to each team member.

All parameters are masking to prevent identification by anti-fraud systems, but the data is not just hiding; it will make you like all the others and nobody. This browser will be essential for all types of marketing, gambling activities, web developers and testers, e-commerce, and other platforms.

With GoLogin, more than seven bln. virtual profiles are already created by half of the million users, and the amount is increasing every day. If you want to try this anti-detect browser, a free trial period is available for seven days with the complete set of functions.

GoLogin with Orbita (based on Chromium) browser is suitable for any website, including those with multiple accounts. It can be used with one account on several devices and can work with the user’s proxy; it works even with the Tor proxy.

GoLogin also provides proxies from different countries that will be set up automatically if you need such a service. It is essential to add that GoLogin provides many proxies for free.

The paying system is flexible and has options for freelancers, businesses, and enterprises. Technical support as all services is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and German.

The GoLogin website has many advice, solutions, and cases for users interested in flawless work on the Internet. You may even check your current fingerprint before the GoLogin application!

2.     Multilogin

This browser helps to surf with different profiles like in separate environments. The user’s fingerprint will be continuously replaced by another one to hide the identity.

Like GoLogin, it provides perfect control for team members, with easy creation by the first time, the access rights will be fixed in the required way for each team member or Client. Multilogin has two browsers, Mimic based on Chromium engine and Stealthfox based on Firefox engine.

Multilogin is popular as an anti-detect browser; it has had more than ten thousand active users in the last seven days. The browser has several pricing options with a different number of active profiles from 100 to 1000 and more; for each one, a fingerprint is changing every minute; as a bonus, the user will get unlimited cloud space for some tariffs.

Multilogin will be a good solution for affiliate marketing, e-commerce, verification of ads, price comparison; it can even be used for journalist investigations. Multilogin gives the user different proxies: IP authenticated, password-authenticated; proxies over a plugin, custom DNS.

Technical support is available in three languages: English, Chinese and Russian. All required system characteristics for Multilogin are explained on the Company website for a quick start; the instructions are also available as a video. In addition, Multilogin has a particular feature – paste as human typing, essential for working with several profiles.

3.     VMLogin

Another solution for marketing, e-commerce, verification of ads, and price comparison is VMLogin. This browser helps control browser fingerprint for all used browser profiles for one or several users from the team. In each profile, all cookies, data, and cache will be isolated.

VMLogin helps to replace multiple computers and forget to work in an old-fashioned way. VMLogin, as the other three browsers (GoLogin and Multilogin) can automate repetitive tasks. The browser also has the opportunity for different access for different team members without risks. VMLogin is masking identity to hide any activities such as collecting information about job seekers or any other interested persons.

The pricing policy depends on the number of required browser profiles and sub-accounts; the proposals start for solo users with 200 profiles up to 3000 profiles for the big team. Each user can get three days of the trial period. The Company website has tutorials and instructions with all setting details for smooth operation to be more familiar with all functions available for a user.


The discussed three browsers are almost equally solutions for masking identity on the Internet. The differences are mainly in the additional features and pricing politics.

The speed of the Internet and the number of available proxies can be easily checked per each one within the trial period.

Among listed GoLogin has more advantages: separate storage of data in the cloud, multilanguage technical support, an extended trial period with all functions, trusted Browser Orbita, convenient setting for teamwork, perfect confidentiality and anonymity are ensured.

All provided solutions are safe and trusted by many users, but some people still prefer free solutions for anti-detect browsers. Even though this option is not recommended, it is better to search in open resources and torrents for a cracked version of discussed browsers, or you may use trial versions of all known anti-detect browsers one by one (hopefully, the overall amount is several dozens).

But none of the free options can provide you complete confidentiality and anonymity, which is the crucial reason for installing an anti-detect browser.


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