Google will soon be offering an Advanced Protection by Providing Physical USB Security Key to high-profile executives an upgrade from the standard protections on Gmail and Google Drive.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program, will provide physical USB security keys that add protection beyond two-step verification to account.Also, restrict the third-party apps and services that can connect to a Google account.

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Bloomberg says This will be marketed to “corporate executives, politicians, and others with heightened security concerns”.cyberattacks are targeting innocents, Hacks involve by email (phishing attack) with executives downloading malware attachments that spread throughout their contacts.

Physical USB Security Key

Two-Factor Physical Key Authentication

Few Months Before Google using Machine learning to block 99.9% of Malware and Phishing Mails

The Gmail messages of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman, were hacked last year, along with the databases of the Democratic National Committee.

The Alphabet Inc. company next month will begin offering a service called the Advanced Protection Program that places a collection of features onto accounts such as email, including a block on third-party applications from accessing data.

Physical USB Security Key

Physical USB security keys more secure because an attacker needs physical possession of the key to access an account.The USB key also cryptographically verifies the user is on a legitimate Google site and not a phishing site.

When plugged into computers, the key lets users create more robust security measures for accounts on Gmail and other Google sites. The new service will continue to require a physical USB key in addition to a second physical key for greater protection.Bloomberg said.

Google Working longtime for this and to The service appears to be aimed at raising defenses against sophisticated phishing attacks of the type that led to the Gmail hack.

Google has sent warnings to users when they are potential targets of state-sponsored attacks. The company wrote a blog post on the topic earlier this year after a number of reporters received the warning.


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