ESET Security Discovered 13 malicious apps which performing to steal your instagram creditionals .These apps has been installed almost 1.5 Millions users .

These 13 apps are tricking  user by the way of encouraging to boost instagram followers. Under the detection name Android/Spy.Inazigram .

According to ESET Report ,The apps were phishing for Instagram credentials and sending them to a remote server.

How it works :

According to the Report from ESET,

  • Harvesting Instagram Credentials and sending them to a remote server
  • The apps promised to rapidly increase the number of followers, likes and comments on one’s Instagram account .

  • It requires the user to log in via an Instagram lookalike screen
  • The Credentials entered into the form are then sent to the attackers’ server in plain text
  • After having entered the credentials, the user will find it impossible to log in, as explained in an “incorrect password” error screen.

After Credentials Stolen, it use compromised accounts for spreading spam and ads, there are also various “business models” in which the most valuable assets are followers, likes and comments. ESET said.

Protection Method :

ESET Suggest few way to protect from steal your  Instagram Credentials .

  1. If you have knowly downloaded one of these apps . you will get a notice from instagram as “some one  attempting to log into your account  “
  2. Uninstall one of above mentioned apps and clear the application data in your memory.
  3. Change the instagram password immidiately . if you have used same password in multiple platform means ,change the all the passwords.
  4. Verify the application before install the applciation in your mobile .check the popularity of its developer by numbers of installs, ratings and, most importantly, content of reviews.

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