GPS Trackers for Travellers

GPS trackers can be great companions for traveling. Whether you are a solo traveler or an anxious parent, carrying GPS trackers can help ease safety concerns when going abroad. Modern GPS trackers from expert providers like Online Spy Shop,, come with software you can install in computers and phones. This software allows you to have real-time tracking with live updates.

Personal Safety

The number one benefit of GPS trackers, is the safety and peace of mind they offer to travellers and worrisome relatives or significant others. If your child or relative is heading on their first solo trip, you may feel a little safer knowing you can check up on their location, especially if they are taking a little too long to reply to your text messages. GPS tracking can also let you monitor how long your child is staying in one spot, letting you see if the tracker is idle, which could be a cause for concern. More so, it can just be interesting to check up on where your child is visiting on their travels.

Route Planning and Mapping

GPS trackers are not only handy for tracking, they can also help with planning your travel route and tracking where you have previously been. Using a tracker, you can plan out where you are travelling to with ease. Route planning is great for solo travel, as it can take the stress out of navigation. Route planning can also help you plan and budget for travel expenditure, as you will be able to set aside the correct amount for train or bus journeys.


Using a GPS tracker can be much more reliable than using a smartphone. Whilst phones can easily be broken, lose signal or be stolen, a GPS tracker is more durable and reliable when navigating. As a GPS tracker’s sole purpose is GPS, it will be more accurate and powerful than mobile phone apps. GPS trackers can also operate as an emergency phone. If you are in danger or have lost your mobile, GPS trackers have an SOS button that when pressed, sends a message to a predefined number. In situations of danger this will alert parents for example, allowing them to track your location and alert necessary authorities. More so, using a GPS tracker will also be more discrete in dangerous situations as they are smaller than smartphones and do not look like communication devices.

Protection From Theft

GPS trackers are great for an individual to keep on their person, but they are also great for tracking assets or personal belongings. When sleeping in hostels, tents or traveller accommodation, the possibility of theft should be something on all travellers’ minds. Attaching a GPS tracker to your luggage when moving through airports can help prevent missing or stolen luggage, or help locate misplaced luggage. In order to keep track of expensive gadgets like smartphones, GPS tracking phone cases which look like regular cases can be very useful. If you misplace or lose your phone on holidays, you will be able to quickly reunite with your smartphone for the rest of your trip.

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