Gas Station

Hackers compromised the Gas station Fuel pump using remote device in Detroit and steal 600 Gallons of Gas.

This incident occurred in Marathon gas station in Detroit and the vehicles pulled up for about 90 minutes to fill up since the gas freely flowed.

Police said the device the men had made it where the clerk could not control the pump, but the clerk did not realize the pump was out of his control. The pump security cameras were working at the time.

Massive gas guzzle took Almost 1.5 hours to completely take out and police believe that 10 vehicles were involved. The damage comes to about $1,800 worth of gas.

Similarly, Russian Authorities uncovered stealthy malware installed on dozens of gas stations that let customers into paying more than the Fuel pumped into their car tank.

Here we talk only about Gas Stations, something that we have near our homes and becomes familiar. But the risk is all along the production and distribution chain in the Oil & Gas Industry. Extraction, Processing, Transporting and Selling.

Also, recent research revealed that Globally Gas Stations are Extremely Vulnerable to the Internet of Things (“IoT”) Cyber Attacks.

The investigation report said “The internet is filled with videos on how to get free gas, which might have informed the perps practices. Police say they used a remote device to hack the pump at 1 in the afternoon. Broad daylight.”

Spokesperson said, “We asked the clerk who was there June 23 when the gas guzzlers were getting away with the goods.”

Also said, when they try to stop the control from the screen but the screen’s not working. I tried to stop it from the system; nothing working (sic).”

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