Cyber Criminals are constantly targeting financial networks that lead to stole customer login details and the percentage of Password Stealing Attacks are on the rise.

Hackers constantly targeting login pages of banks and other retailers by using botnets to try the stolen login information across the web.

Many users have the same credentials across multiple services and account, by launching a Credential stuffing attack, the attackers can gain access to the accounts, this can be avoided by using a unique password for each service and change the passwords to all accounts at least once a month.

Credential stuffing is the attack type where the cybercriminals use stolen account credentials collected from data breaches and other sources are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

Password Stealing Attacks on the Rise

According to Akamai report approximately 3.2 billion malicious logins per month from January through April 2018, and over 8.3 billion malicious login attempts from bots in May and June 2018 – a monthly average increase of 30 percent.

Financial services and the details are the most vulnerable industries where the constantly targeted by hackers, they used botnets to assume an identity, gather information and to steal the login credentials.

The dark web markets remain as a place for selling stolen credit cards, the underground offers hacker-for-hire services, hacking tools, tutorials and more. These dark web markets are accessible through anonymization services such as Tor or I2P.

Last year Leakbase the website that resells the hacked passwords exfiltrated from most significant data breach went offline.

Users can check for the compromised credentials through Pwned Passwords Tool that contains tons of password database to helps the user to check whether their password has been ever listed in the previous major password-based data breaches.

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