Ex-Employee Sentenced 10 Months Jail for Hacking JET2 Flights Network

A Former Jet2 employee sentenced a 10 month in Prison for carrying the cyber attack on the company network and take down their system for 12 hours.

A former Jet2 employee sentenced a 10 month in Prison for carrying the cyber attack on the company network, and take down their system for 12 hours.

Scott Burns, 27-year-old was employed by ICT provider, Blue Chip, and worked on their Jet2 account until December 2017 and he moved to another company.

On 18 January 2019, He was gained access to the Jet2 networks computer account and removed a folder that stored all user account details which cause more than 2000 employees to account in unaccessible.

He also deletes the program used by the company to log the user’s activities and changes on the network.

Scott got arrested on 8 February 2018 and seized several electronic devices and the forensic evidence proves that he was also responsible for another network intrusion against Jet2 on 3 January.

According to National Crime Agency report, On a number of occasions – once on the 3rd of January, during his preparation – and then several times after the attack, Burns also hacked the email inbox of Jet2’s CEO.

“During the interview, Burns admitted that he had illegally accessed the CEO’s inbox “once or twice” to see if anything was being said about the incident – or to see if the company had any evidence of his involvement in the attacks.”

 Last Week, Burns pleaded guilty to eight offenses under the Computer Misuse Act in November and he was sentenced to 10 months in prison at Leeds Crown court.

According to Jamie Horncastle from the NCA said: “Network intrusion is not a victimless crime. Not only did Burns’s actions have a potential financial impact on Jet2, but it also caused huge disruption to their staff and technical operations.”

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