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Higher Education is Key to Success

Do you spend days and nights preparing for the exam? Do you feel tired because of all your academic assignments? Have you ever doubted whether it is worth it? Of course, higher education is a challenge that requires a lot of time and work. However, in the long term, it turns into a significant benefit for your development and employment.

What is Success?

To talk about the connection between education and success, we should first determine what success is exactly. People may associate different things with it. In its most general sense, success is the achievement of positive results. Yet, it is not only connected with setting and reaching goals. It should also involve a sense of confidence and satisfaction from the life journey itself.

Higher Education and Career Growth

Without a doubt, higher education is an investment in your future. Most people primarily associate the necessity of education with employment. It gives you skills, knowledge, and social connections, which are crucial for a successful career.


Nothing can say more about your knowledge than a diploma. An employer can immediately see that you have the necessary qualifications for the job. It shows that you are an expert with years of studies behind. Employers are interested in hiring competent people with higher education. For example, EssayService works only with those writers who have a degree. It is important for maintaining high standards of quality. Moreover, the US Department of Education reports that:

  • More than 65% of job vacancies require applicants to have higher education.
  • Bachelor’s degree graduates earn 66% more than people who finished only high school.

Well-educated people have better chances to be successfully employed. They also get higher salaries than non-graduates. Thus, it is true that higher education is important for professional success.


At work, you will continue to enjoy the results of your studies. Promotion is another aspect where higher education is valuable. For example, many reputable companies list having a diploma as a requirement for senior positions. Most prestigious job openings are available only for graduates. In this case, higher education gives you a competitive advantage on the road to success.

Realization of Dreams

Some people consider a successful career their life goal. If you are dreaming about a well-paid and rewarding job, you need to be prepared to work for it. Having great ambitions is not enough. You need to work hard to be competent in a particular subject area and develop your skills. That is exactly what educational institutions can help you to achieve. When you invest enough time and effort into your studies, you become one step closer to the realization of your dreams.

Higher Education for Personal Development

Most people associate the benefits of higher education only with career prospects. Yet, this perspective is too narrow. Higher education is not only another point in the checklist. It plays an important role in our personal development, which is a part of a successful life.


Higher education prepares people for future challenges. It does not only give some general understanding of subjects. A student must dive deep into the matter and become an expert. This process makes people more confident in themselves and their knowledge. Higher education turns them into independent individuals. They are not afraid to express themselves because they know what they are talking about. With a degree, students can overcome any obstacles on the path to their dream job.

Development of Skills

To become successful, a person needs to have a set of skills and competences. Higher education does not only give students theoretical knowledge. It teaches them to:

  • analyze and evaluate information
  • be curious and ask questions
  • manage time
  • deal with stress
  • communicate effectively
  • find solutions to problems
  • collaborate with others

All of these are important life skills. They can be used in any professional sphere as well as in daily life. Along with basic critical thinking skills, students develop a broader world view. They learn how to solve problems and approach issues from different perspectives.

Social Networks

One of the undeniable advantages of higher education is communication with different people. Students make friends and get acquainted with a large number of people. As a result, they build a social network with future professionals from various fields. Besides, students have an opportunity to learn how to interact with others and find common ground. Successful deals and contracts greatly depend on the professionalism of communicators. Thus, effective communication is a basic skill needed for success in the modern world.

Life Satisfaction

The open world view and skills that you gain at educational institutions allow you to improve all aspects of your life. The HEFCE conducted a survey addressing the subjective well-being of people with different educational backgrounds. It turns out that people with university qualifications tend to have higher life satisfaction rates compared to non-graduates. Completed higher education gives a sense of accomplishment. As a result, graduates get higher self-esteem. Their socioeconomic status is also likely to grow. Even though a diploma is not a 100% guarantee of success, it gives you all the necessary means to get a good job and have a fulfilling life.

To Sum Up

People may determine success differently. Yet, higher education gives you a set of skills and qualifications that enable you to achieve any goal. If you put enough work into your studies, it will eventually pay you back. Higher education allows you to grow both personally and professionally and makes you successful in any sphere.


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