The hijacker is a Graphical User Interface for the penetration testing tools Aircrack-ng, Airodump-ng, MDK3, and Reaver. It offers a basic and simple UI to utilize these devices without writing commands in terminal and just by copy&pasting MAC addresses.

This application requires an ARM Android gadget with a wireless that backings Monitor Mode. A couple of Android gadgets do, however none of them natively.

This implies you will require a custom firmware. Nexus 5 and whatever another gadget that uses the BCM4339 chipset (MSM8974, for example, Xperia Z2, LG G2 and so on) will work with Nexmon (it additionally bolsters some different chipsets). 

Gadgets that utilize BCM4330 can utilize bcmon. An alternative option is to utilize an external connector that backings screen mode in Android with an OTG link.

The required tools are incorporated for armv7l and aarch64 gadgets as of variant 1.1. The Nexmon driver and administration utility for BCM4339 are additionally included.Root is additionally essential, as these tools require root to work.

Features –¬†Hijacker v1.3

Information Gathering

  • View a table of access points and stations (clients) around you (even hidden ones).
  • View the activity of a particular network (by measuring beacons and data packets) and its clients.
  • Figures about access points and stations
  • View the manufacturer of a device (AP or station) from the OUI database
  • See the signal strength of devices and filter the ones that are nearer to you
  • Save captured packets in the .cap file.Hijacker


  • Deauthenticate all the clients of a network (either targeting each one (effective) or without specific target).
  • Deauthenticate a specific client from the network it’s connected.
  • MDK3 Beacon Flooding with custom options and SSID list.
  • MDK3 Authentication DoS for a specific network or to everyone
  • Capture a WPA handshake or gather IVs to crack a WEP network
  • Reaver WPS cracking (pixie-dust attack using NetHunter chroot and external adapter)
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Make sure that you are on Android 5+ and rooted (SuperSU is required, if you are on CM/LineageOS install SuperSU)have a firmware to support Monitor Mode on your wireless interface.

Download the latest version here.

When you run Hijacker out of the blue, you will be requested that whether you need to introduce the nexmon firmware or go to home screen. On the off chance that you have introduced your firmware or utilize an outside connector, you can simply go to the home screen.

Something else, click ‘Introduce Nexmon’ and take after the directions. Remember that on a few gadgets, changing documents in/framework may trigger an Android security highlight and your framework segment will be reestablished when you reboot.

In the wake of introducing the firmware, you will arrive on the home screen and airodump will begin. Ensure you have empowered your WiFi and it’s in screen mode.

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