Homeworkers Urged to Use VPN Protection

As we continue to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a considerable increase in remote working. Companies are encouraging their employees to work from home to remain safe. But as they do that to keep themselves and those around them safe from the most significant bug we’ve seen, it means cybercriminals are taking advantage. Online security threats are on the rise, so no wonder homeworkers are being urged to protect themselves with VPNs.

With so many people working from home right now (we assume you are, too?),there’s been a significant increase in internet usage. The most common concern people had initially was that their bandwidth requirements wouldn’t cut it – they wouldn’t be able to work effectively or Skype with grandparents without lag.


But that’s not the primary concern. Because as more people head online, cybercriminals saw it as an opportunity. More people to try and scam, to gleam data from, to hack into their online accounts. Which, let’s face it, is the last thing anybody wants. The best way to combat the increasing attacks is to stop them outright. Anti-virus software just doesn’t cut it anymore, so it’s ideal for preventing anything from happening in the first place. And this can be done by using a VPN.

The two most important things that a virtual private network (VPN) can offer areprivacy and security. It masks your IP address, location, and search history, so they can’t be tracked by online companies or internet service providers (ISPs). Security-wise, it can help protect your personal information and data as it’s sent from and received by your computer or device, which right now is a great thing to have. But using a VPN offers so much more than just protection. In fact, once you’ve read up about the benefits of an online VPN like CyberGhost, you’ll probably wonder why you never had one in the first place.

Whenever you’re online, whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone, the likelihood is that you’re always being tracked. Apps and websites can track your online activity and use the data collected from you. Noticed a pop-up after visiting an online store? Spam emails? Or maybe your computer’s just slow because you’ve been visiting websites without checking their security and authenticity. With a VPN, you’ll be completely disguised as your IP address will appear from a different server in a completely different location.

Nobody can keep track of you or find out more of your personal information as your connection will be kept secure. The best VPNs will use military-grade 256-bit encryption. If it’ssuitable for the armed forces, then it’ll be perfect for you when working at home.

Have you ever noticed that your internet speed is slower in the evening? It’s because lots of people are coming home from work and going online, so to spread it out, your ISP can throttle the amount of bandwidth used. With loads of people working from home and using more bandwidth, ISPs are likely to limit their users’ bandwidth to retain more control. If you’re working online and need fast connectivity, then this could be a problem. But not with a VPN as it will encrypt your device’s internet traffic. That way, your provider won’t know your web traffic content, so you can keep on working away at top speed.

We know that all work and no play can make Jack a very dull boy. And that’s the last thing you want, mostly if you’re confined to your house. So it’s likely you’ve relaxed while watching some top shows via streaming. If you’ve reached the limit of TV shows or can’t access some of the latest Netflix shows, it could be to geographically blocked content. Guess what can work around that? A VPN will mask your IP address and disguise it as one from a different location, such as one that is permitted to work with that content. The next time you take a well-deserved break, you’ll then be able to stream to your heart’s content and laugh in the face of your internet provider.

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should only protect yourself for the duration of the pandemic. We don’t even know how long it’ll last. But if you use a VPN now to keep your information secure, you should carry on doing so in the future too. Protect your computer, your smartphone, your devices, and enjoy ultimate online freedom and security.


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