Hoverwatch – The Simple Yet Potent Application to Track a Cell Phone

Hoverwatch is a personalized application that can track a cellphone – Windows as well as Windows PC, Mac OS and phones. Hoverwatch is an easy-to-use, effective and simple phone tracker applicationand works on smartphones that can run the app. The app can work on Android andWindows of any version.


Hoverwatch is a great app for employers, parents, and for individuals or organization who are planning to keep a tab on their employees/children as the case may be. It is pretty simple and can be downloaded and installed in less than 60 seconds.

If you value the data in your phone and wish to protect them from unauthorized access by people who use the phone, the app enables you to know whether anyone has used your phone.

What you can control with Hoverwatch

You can track the location of the phone. Don’t worry if the GPS or Wi-Fi is not functioning. When you install Hoverwatch cellphone tracking app in an Android phone or an iPhone, you can track easily the activities performed by the user on the smartphone. These include Facebook tracking, Whatsapp tracking, text tracking, and Viber tracking.

By installing the Hoverwatch app to track a cell phone,

  • Locatethephone
  • Monitor the activities of the user of the smartphone
  • Knowthedistance
  • Know where your employee or child is.
  • Find the truth – what is, in reality, happening around.

How to install the application


  • Visit the official website hoverwatch.com.
  • Mention your email as well as password and click on ‘Sign u free’.
  • Thus, you create your Hoverwatch account
  • ChooseWindowsandclick ‘Download’
  • Unzip and run .exe file.
  • Now click on ‘Yes in Windows user Account Control Windows.
  • Now open the app, type your account username and password to log in the window that comes up.
  • Click on Activate. Once the installation is done, click on Finish.


  • Make ready the Android phone where you wish to install the app to track a cell phone.
  • GotoSettings ——>General ——>Security
  • Enable ‘Unknownsources’.
  • OpenPlayStoreApp.
  • TapontheMenubutton
  • Select ‘PlayProtect’.
  • Disable ‘Scan device for security threats’.
  • Open the browser. Visit hoverwatch.com/
  • Furnish your email along with password
  • Click on SIGN UP FREE to create an account
  • Choose Android. Click on ‘Download’.
  • If you don’t get the Add Device page, click on ‘Menu’ button and click on Add Device.
  • Tap setup.apk to begin installation.
  • Tap Next and then Install and Open.
  • Avoid opening the program in list of downloads in Chrome.
  • Set File Manager to locate it in the folder that stores Downloads, and lunch it from here.

To make sure the correct running of Hoverwatch, do follow these steps.

  • Click on Activate ——> Usage tracking. Tap ‘Yes’.
  • Locate and tap ‘Sync Service’.
  • Activate tracking of allowed usage.
  • Tap ‘back’ button twice to return to Hoverwatch
  • Don’tdobatteryoptimization.
  • Tap ‘Yes’ button; change ‘Not optimized universally for All apps item.
  • Deactivate ‘SyncService’ app.
  • Tap back and go to the Hoverwatch app.
  • Let the app capture screen.
  • Click n ‘Don`t show again’ and tap ‘Start now’.
  • To activate device administrator, tab ‘Yes’ button in a new message, tap ‘Activate’.
  • If your phone is rooted, it’s ready for use.
  • If your phone is not rooted, when installation is going on it will pose more question.
  • When asked if to restart, say ‘Yes’.
  • At Request for Root Permission, remember to check the dialogue box ‘Don’t ask again’, then click on ‘Authorize’.
  • Make sure to check whether your phone is properly rooted by the free Root checker available on Google Play Store.

The app will startworking once you restart the device. Within five to six minutes information onthe device is going to show on your Hoverwatch account.

Some Extra Features

Tracking to-do lists

  • You can get updates about how the smartphone is being used. The app to track cell phone let you know what the user has noted and hence their hidden plans.


  • The most important feature is it can be taken in stealth mode. You can keep the app that the user has no cognizance of the app being installed.
    • You will have a confidential pin number once you complete the process of installation. You need to enter the pin every time you wish to access the app on the target user’s phone. Youcandoitfromtheonlineuserpanel.

Changing SIM card

  • In case the SIM card in the target phone is changed, it will be notified to your and will be reflected in Hoverwatch user panel, and you continue to monitor the actives that are being performed.

Hoverwatch Compatibility

Hoverwatch app to track a cell phone is compatible with Android and Windows of any format. As for iPhone, it’ll enable you to access all typed messages and keys used on the keyboard of the iPhone that is under surveillance.

How to Use Hoverwatch

To use Hoverwatch is easy. Once you sign up and create an account, download and install the app from online. Once the app is working on the target device, you can track all recorded data and calls in the Hoverwatch account including calls, camera, text messages, Snapchat, Facebook and browsing history.

System Requirements

Hoverwatch app to track a cell phone needs a Windows PC (desktop or laptop) Mac OS X computer or an Android Tab. Download and install the app on your computer

Hoverwatch Pricing Policy

Three types of plans are available:

  1. Family plan – With a family plan, you can monitor up to 5 phones and save up to 60% on each phone. The monthly plan is priced at $ $ 39.95, for three months you need to pay $ 99.95 and $ 199.95 for 12 months.
  2. Personal plan – The personal plan is good for a single phone. For this, you need to pay $ 19.95 for one month, for three months you need to pay $49.95 and for12 months you need to pay $99.95.
  3. Business plan – The Hoverwatch business plan to track a cell phone enables to monitor up to 25 phones/devices in a month. The prices are thus: $ 149.95 for one nth, $ 299.95 for three months and $ 499.95 for twelve months.


Hoverwatch is a pretty good application for monitoring (people) in the workplace or elsewhere and parental control. It brings great performance when it comes to tracking the activities of children and employees being monitored.

You can get it installed in just a few minutes and can start monitoring immediately. The Hoverwatch app to track a cell phone will, thus, keep you assured about your businesss performance or what your kid’s doing.


BALAJI is a Former Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.

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