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How AI Is Changing The Writing Game. AI-Written Articles Will Force Students Improve The Quality of Their Writings

We all have been watching movies and have an idea related to the power of AI. We are witnessing all the changes taking place around us and are indeed aware of the one which will happen soon. Slowly but steadily, it is becoming part of almost every day to day task.

We are not quite sure if it is worthy or not but the technology landscape turned to 180 degrees with the incorporation of AI. It is surely making our lives easy and added true value in the medical sector to save lives but at the same time, it is eating jobs and making the situation difficult for people.

According to research, AI can enhance productivity by 30% in various sectors but at the same time, it will slash jobs by 20 to 30%. AI effects are not limited to the tech and medical sectors. Creative niches are equally having an impact on these advancements.

We have witnessed how sketches can turn into photo-realistic landscapes in no time and how the dynamics of writing are completely changed due to AI. Effortless proofreading and generating stories with the help of data is something value-added.

Let’s take a deep insight into how AI is reconstructing the face of writing.

Translating Languages

There were times when translating from one language to another was considered as a separate job and experts were required, who had a deep understanding of two languages at the same time but now it’s not the case anymore. We can instantly translate from one language to another without taking help from any other person.

Google translate offers you the ultimate solution regarding all translation related queries. Going to some foreign country? Do not know how to interact with the natives. Trying hard to find the words to utter? Let Google Translate perform its job and provide you with literal translations.

Google induced AI in its translation system and provided some really useful translations. This major up-gradation happened in 2016 which completely changed the translation game.

The catch for writers with the specific AI is that they can easily translate their entire books from one language to another and that translation would not be literal, it would be well-phrased and structured.

Editing and Proofreading

For quite some time, a lot of word processing tools were good enough to identify grammatical or spelling mistakes but lately, all those tools integrated with AI are smart enough to provide with 100% error-free content.

These tools and software not only proofread the whole content but also highlight all sorts of errors, propose their solutions and suggest the changes which can add more value to your masterpiece.

A classic example of a writing tool integrated with AI is Grammarly which is used worldwide as it provides optimal writing solutions.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism used to be a severe problem faced by universities and professors at one time but with recent advancements, detecting plagiarism remains merely a matter of one single click.

Google and all other search engines evolved over time and now any plagiarized content can be spotted in a few minutes.

If the content is not taken from the internet and it’s someone else’s work that has been used then there is software that lets you check plagiarism with the data stored in its vast database. One example of a plagiarism checker is Turnitin which provides stats against content plagiarized or reworked.

Creating New Content

AI implementation is not limited to playing around something which is already composed. You can generate writings from scratch while using AI integrated tools.

Though the content created through AI is not apt enough to compete with human writers but is good enough to be read and used for some tasks. You can easily find such tools, recently rating made a buzz due to its efficient and effective writing services.

Soon all the blogging sites and newspapers, etc. would be using AI tools to generate unique creative writings instantly so that their work needs can be fulfilled effortlessly. With this, all those breaking stories can be written instantly and published at the same time without any delay.

No matter how innovative it looks to generate writings, it has a dark side too. Using AI for producing all writings will surely affect journalists’ jobs and the content derived from it would be of low quality, something similar to low-cost content spinners.

To tell the truth, it would be a task to find something useful on the internet as most of the things will be in the same format.

Audio Files Look-up

For almost a decade, audio and video files are being in trend but it does not overpower writing in any way. People do enjoy YouTube videos or podcasts but when they require some information, it is more effortless to search text rather than a video.

But due to recent advancements of AI, we can see multiple software that can decode sounds and provide solutions. Major example of AI implemented software are Siri and Alexa, which are doing their jobs in a perfect manner. All these digital assistants make it a viable solution as it is making most of the tasks really easy.

Book Buying

Your every action is monitored on e-commerce sites. The books you have already bought or might have an interest in will show in suggestions along with the options from the same category. For instance, if you buy a book from Amazon, you’ll see options from the same niche which might attract you. This feature is useful for authors as a lot of people can see their books but at the same time, it is a drawback for librarians and general booksellers.

All small bookstores and libraries would suffer too, as people can find online recommendations for books easily.

We all can totally relate AI with our writing. Whatever you write or read is somehow affected by AI, be it some tool to proofread your writings or some software to dictate you with. These potential scenarios provide an insight into how AI has been making its way through writing tasks but still there is a lot to see what will happen in the future.


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