In today’s progressing world, ordering what you desired have few mins back while scrolling your feed is no harder now. Today, there is nearly no single product that is not incorporated by the online traders and even in pretty improved condition than real shops.

The ease and multiple perks that e-commerce delivery services like Yun Express tracking offers are the reason that has inclined and been persuading countless people towards e-commerce stores for convenient purchases. However, the only one lack that is usually observed and witnessed comes amidst the efficiency of online shopping is an ineffective delivery service. 

No matter what quality your product contains, how carefully you have packed it, the number of safety measures you have taken into consideration, etc. Once the parcel is handed over to an incompetent delivery service, then there is no way you’re getting your parcel in the desired condition. Eyeing and ultimately choosing a futile delivery service can cost you an arm and a leg for your parcel. There are high chances of your product getting damaged, exchanged, misplace, or in the worst case, lost.  

No denies in that fact that to make your e-commerce shopping pleasurable and seam-less, you indeed have to select a reliable, well-reputable yet efficient delivery service that can wholly ensure the safety of your parcel. Today’s advanced and evolving delivery service providers take every opinion and approach into consideration to help them create their hallmark as a safe delivery service provider and conclusively create a sense of fidelity from both ends. However, the most common concern and strain a customer undergoes when the parcel is under the control of the delivery service is wondering about the parcel’s safety, mainly during the tracking and shipping processes.  Any blunder, mishandling, or a glitch during these essential procedures can result in your parcel not reaching you in the expecting manner or the worst you can assume. 

Therefore, here in this article, I have tried to make you acquainted with the preventive measures delivery services to ensure your parcel’s safety. Knowing and witnessing these processes on your device screen about your parcel’s safety measures will help you get the most-craved sigh of relief once you receive your parcel perfectly.  

Step-by-step ways to ensure the safety of parcels.  

  • Handing over the parcel: 

This is the primary step, which includes transferring your packed parcel to the delivery service. With the details, the order slip is made. All details regarding the product, reliever, and delivery are shared. The receiver gets an email informing about the parcel’s transfer to the respective delivery service and estimated time with other details included. 

  • Identification code: 

Here comes the crucial role of delivery service; once they take over the control of your parcel, generally, a bar code is attached with the parcel. A barcode is specifically a unique id that holds all the relevant necessary information regarding the whole journey from delivery service to the receiver’s doorstep. The main aim of the barcode is to make it easy for the delivery service and receiver to identify their parcel by matching the same bar code they have.  

  • Bar code scanning: 

The individual scanning of each bar code on every parcel plays an immense role in ensuring its safety. A bar code is scanned several times and additional time also when the parcel is felt suspicious or not getting identified easily. Once the parcel is loaded for the delivery, it goes through the canning of bar code as it helps delivery services store the date and display it in their system for the receiver’s satisfaction. The next time a barcode scanning occurs when the parcel reaches the seller’s location’s respective post office. The same data, including receiving time, is stored in the system and lately displayed as a POD proof of delivery. The final time a bar code is scanned when the parcel leaves are delivered to the seller’s house and received.  

Final verdict

The whole scanning process is carried out by skilled and focused delivery service providers where no mistake can be compromised. Secondly, the same bar code id with tracking number is sent to you via email at the initial stage of a delivery to track the complete procedure with your own eyes on your device screen. This is how delivery services ensure the safety of your parcel and deliver it to you safely.



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