How Proper DDI Management Helps Your Company

You might have heard the term DDI before. Do you know what it means, though, and what it can do for your company? The average worker might not realize how important this concept is or why you need to dedicate time and effort to it.

We’ll tackle DDI in this article, including what it is, why companies need to think about it, and the potential dangers if you ignore it.

What Does DDI Actually Mean?

DDI is a shorthand term that includes multiple concepts. When an individual talks about DDI, what they mean is IP Address Management, DHCP, and DNS, integrated into a single entity.

If your business uses an IP-based network, as so many of them do these days, you have to communicate over it. DDI can make up the core network services that your workers utilize every day.

Many companies these days look into Gartner Magic Quadrant for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, or similar products. They do so if they want an IP address management system that offers robust security measures and costs less.

Why Monitoring Your IP Addresses Matters So Much

The proper DDI solution can save your company from a lot of headaches. There are several of them on the market, but the one you want should monitor your IP address or addresses at all times. It should also take care of any DHCP and DNS needs in real-time.

You can use the solution you pick to automate several processes that your workers would otherwise have to handle. That would take up a great deal of their time, and they might also make a mistake that a DDI solution would not.

You also want one because it can centralize many of your management features. If your IT department can find everything IP-related in the same place, they won’t have to hunt through your network if they need to install updates or take care of various maintenance tasks.

A DDI Solution Can Also Help Keep Your Costs Down

The right DDI solution also helps in the sense that when you pay for it, you’re paying for an all-in-one DNS and DHCP solution. If you don’t spend the money in this area, you will probably have to pay for several tools and services rather than something all-inclusive.

Your IP address management operational cost can quickly run out of control if you are not careful. By cutting some costs in this area, you can allocate them elsewhere. You might put them into research and development, a robust new marketing campaign, or anywhere else that seems appropriate.

Others Reasons Why You Need a DDI Solution

Apart from what we already mentioned, companies also frequently need DDI solutions if they are trying to expand. That applies to so many businesses in 2021 that are trying to recover in the pandemic’s aftermath.

Maybe that expansion means picking up and carrying several new IP addresses. You have to manage them securely, and that becomes more complicated and time-consuming the more of them you have.

If your network keeps growing, with new IP address additions every week, you need a comprehensive solution. You require a place where your IT department can go and a tool to make sure that expansion and maintenance happen in an orderly fashion.

It’s hardly hyperbole to say that expansion and maintenance can quickly become a nightmare without a DDI solution in place. You might use many IP-connected devices at any given time to keep the company running smoothly. Think how much more complex it becomes if you’re also allowing remote work right now.

Other Options

At this point, you might wonder what other IP address management options there are besides DDI tools. They do exist, but they make very little sense in a business world context.

Some companies try to get away with not purchasing DDI tools by using spreadsheets to keep track of their IP addresses. There are also certain other applications they might jerry-rig for this sort of functionality.

Going this route seldom produces the result you want. You could equate it to trying to conduct complex algebraic equations when all you know is basic math. If you can’t automate your IP address maintenance, you’re making it needlessly challenging for your IP department employees.

Once you realize what this technology can do for you, you should jump at the chance to utilize it. The right DDI solution can quickly and easily handle any IP address, DCHP, and DNS services you need.

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