Fax machines may not be as commonly used as it was before, but many businesses still find this mode of communication useful. And with technological advancements, fax services have also evolved into online faxing.

Online faxing can be considered a replacement for outdated fax machines. It enables entities or organizations to send and receive documents online via email. You might want to look up how to send fax online to know how it works.

Like any digital system, you might wonder if online faxing is safe and secure. Does it have security measures in place to prevent cyber criminals from accessing the data or contents of your fax documents online? 

The short answer is yes. Fortunately, online faxing service providers are generally secure. Therefore, you can rest assured that the documents you fax online are usually safe from a network breach. 


However, not all online fax service providers may take cybersecurity seriously. That’s why choosing a reliable one that keeps up with advanced network security features is important. The following are some of the most important features that an online fax service should provide to ensure the security of your documents:

Data Encryption

When using online fax services, you need to know that there is data encryption and authentication, which make it secure. While internet connections can be hacked, online faxing service providers encrypt data so that it’s only accessible by the sender and receiver. This is why some businesses prefer online faxing, particularly those in the medical field. 

Encryption also protects fax messages from beginning to end. In this case, documents are automatically encrypted in transit and at the endpoint to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. Online faxing, therefore, allows for encrypted file sharing to ensure documents that pass through the system are secure. 

Authenticated Access

Access to online fax services and documents can also be secured and controlled with proper authentication. Most online fax providers commonly use biometrics and two-factor authentication.   

Biometrics uses fingerprints, facial features, and eye scans as authorization measures. Some online fax service providers use biometric authentication to regulate user access in their systems. If an unauthorized person tries to break into your online faxing application, the service providers automatically send you a message to notify you of suspicious activities. This makes online faxing a safer online service.

On the other hand, two-factor authentication requires using a code. Because the code is generated at random intervals, it’s difficult for cybercriminals to break. However, if you share the code with an outside person, the system would be at risk of being hacked. So even though online faxing services are protected by data encryption and authentication processes, it requires you to follow the rules, such as not sharing your password or code with anyone.

Secure Cloud Storage

Online fax service providers that include secure cloud storage are reliable. A secure cloud backup allows your files or documents to be easily stored online in a safe network. This also ensures your faxed documents are organized and filed efficiently. And in case you lose any physical copy, you can still retrieve the documents from the cloud. 

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re running a healthcare organization, choosing an online fax provider that is HIPAA-compliant is vital. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines rules and regulations for collecting and storing patient information and medical history. These regulations have to be strictly followed by clinics, medical insurance companies, hospitals, and any medical organization.

When an online fax provider is HIPAA-compliant, this ensures your faxed documents are protected according to HIPAA standards. This way, you won’t worry about adding additional security measures since the provider will work it out for you.  

Privacy Policy

It’s essential to read the privacy policy of your online faxing provider. The privacy policy lets you see how your online faxing service collects and protects your documents and personal information. Make sure their terms and conditions meet your business’s standards to avoid surprises along the way.  


With the volatile business environment and fragile technological arenas, files and documents should be secure when sent to various users. As a result of their ability to keep information safe, online faxing services remain a reliable method of sending and receiving business documents. 

Online fax services provide you with advanced data encryption, security monitoring, authentication control settings, and other features to ensure the security of your information. However, the level of security may vary from one provider to another. Therefore, it’s crucial to read privacy policies and choose a fax provider with the best security features. 


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