How to Download Word Mix Lite on PC – A Simple Guide!

Playing with words is a challenging game, especially when you’ve to find a word out of jumbled letters. Well, it improves your vocabulary and improves your thinking speed too. Word Mix Lite is one such game that is fun to play as it teaches you a new word at each level, and the urge to learn more is never-ending once you’re all set.

Multiple Languages with Never-ending Levels

Not just English, but the app supports multiple languages like Italian, Spanish, and French too. It has got more than 15,000 levels, 10,0000 levels, and 15,000 levels respectively. And the English version of the game has reached 12,000 levels.

So, this turns out to be a pretty valuable source if you’ve just started learning foreign languages apart from English. With these many levels, you’re sure to get perfect in at least a couple of languages, if not all.

Hints are for YOU!

Hints are available in all the initial levels when you get started. But as you go on playing with the new levels, the jumbled letters get tough to identify,and at times there are no hints. In such times, you can take the help of a dictionary and see if you can find a word or not. But make sure you do it quickly as the time given is limited.

Definition Lookup

The integration with Merrian-Webster turns out to be a useful option as it displays the definition of any givenword in the app. Word Mix Lite is a perfect app to solve challenging puzzles, learn new words everyday, and improve your vocabulary overall.

Become a Leader

With each passing level, your score will slowly turn into a considerable number without you knowing. Just focus on clearing the decks, forget the scoreboard, and the results will be fruitful. You can even get a chance to top the leaderboard competing with players all around the world.

Compete With Yourself

That might sound unnatural, but that’s how you improve your word game! Compete with yourself by setting a clock rather than going for an untimed game. It will surely make you active when you think of an answer. It would be tough to start with, but you will surely get better as you keep playing. Make a habit of playing at least ten levels each day, and you will surely get the rewards you’re aiming for.

Note: Make sure you keep an eye on the annoying ads. Please do not click on them, as some of them might drive you to install a virus on your devices.

Let us now look at the detailed step-by-step guide on installing Word Mix Lite on a PC using an Android emulator.

Install Word Mix Lite on PC – Detailed Guide!

Choosing an Android emulator shouldn’t be challenging when you have trusted ones like Bluestacks around the corner.

#1. Download Bluestacks 5, the latest version, from the official website or any trusted third-party website.

#2. Once the download is done, install the emulator on your Windows PC or laptop and follow the on-screen instructions.

#3. After the installation, you need to launch Bluestacks either by using Windows search in the taskbar or the desktop shortcut icon, if created during the installation.

#4. It will now ask you to sign in using your Google account. If you do not have one, you can create one in the emulator itself. Make sure you use this account for gaming purposes only so that it can be synced to all your devices where you play various games.

#5. Once done, launch the Google Play Store from Bluestacks home screen and head over to the search bar to find the Word Mix Lite app.

#6. Click on the Install button upon finding the official Word Mix Lite app and wait for some time to complete the process.

#7. Now, launch the game from the Bluestacks and start playing the word game you’ve been waiting for!

So, what keeps you waiting? Download Word Mix Lite on your PC right away!


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