How to Install Google play on Fire TV stick: Aptoide

Google features define our devices as various application are developed through the software.  Google play is among the best unique repository app used to conduct and install apps, games and utilities on user’s devices. It has an extensive library and available on many devices.  However, the Google play store app is not available on Amazon Firestick device, which harbours the Amazon store, a challenge for users who prefer the play store for their activities.

Firestick device is designed to accommodate third-party apps for better functionality. User can install apps which program such as movies, sports, and live TV on Firestick. However, Amazon Firestick doesn’t accommodate the play store. Technology provides alternative ways to install the Google play store on your Firestick. The tech industry has many schemes, such as jailbreaking Firestick, to access free online streams. There are third-party apps such as Mobdro developed for Android devices and accessible on Firestick for free content.  Though it’s challenging to have Mobdro for iPhone devices, digital tools also provide alternative ways for IOS users to enjoy free content through the Mobdro app. 

To install the play store on Fire TV stick, we utilize a third-party app (Aptoide). It’s the best and compatible play store app for Amazon Fire devices.  The internet also has other alternative platforms based on user preference.

How to install Google play store through alternative methods


The process (sideloading) is long but successful using the Aptoide app since it is the best alternative. It’s compatible with Firestick device and provides an extensive collection of apps. However, before installation, you need to use good VPN software. This hides your activities, data and location. 

Firestick preparation process

Since Aptoide is a third-party app and not hosted on the official website, the user needs to set the Firestick to install.

  • Plugin the Firestick device on your TV and go to the settings section using the device remote.
  • Click the Developer tab on the new screen. Now highlight the app on the option “apps from unknown sources.”
  • Using the remote press select button, the page will send a warning pop-up message. Ignore and proceed to the “turn on” button.
  • Now the preparation process is done, and the user can install Aptoide on Firestick.

How to install play store/Aptoide on Firestick

The installation process is easy while conducted using ES explorer file or Downloader app.

Installing Aptoide through Downloader

  • The applicant needs to download and install the downloader app. One can get it through the Amazon store.
  • After installing, run the downloader app from the Firestick homepage.
  • If the app doesn’t appear on the home screen, go to the apps option. Select the downloader from the list provided.
  • Now on the downloader page, click the home button to continue.
  • Next, go to the blank space, enter the URL and click the “Go” button.
  • The Aptoide APK file will show on the screen. It will start downloading automatically on your storage device.
  • After the download has completed, a new page will show. Scroll down using your remote until the “Next” button changes to “install.” select the install tab to start the installation process.
  • The system will send and confirmation message “app installed”
  • Two options will show the “done” and “open” button.
  • Click “done” if you don’t want to open the app.
  • The page will show a dialogue box with three options.
  • Done
  • Delete
  • Install
  • Click “delete” to eliminate the APK file to free up storage.

Installing Aptoide using ES file Explorer without using desktop

The ES Explorer is an alternative method for the user who doesn’t want to use the downloader version. User can use the method through the desktop or without the desktop.  Here we prefer the method with a desktop since it’s easy and fast.

  • The applicant needs to open their ES file Explorer and go to the tool tab. On the Tools menu, click “download manager.” Next, proceed and click the ‘+’ option on the page.
  • The downloader dialogue box will show, on the blank space, enter the URL (https ://).
  • On the name, space enters any name (Aptoide) which is relevant to the app.
  • Select the download now tab and give the APK file time to download.
  • Once the process is done, click the “open file” button and run the APK file.
  • The option will initiate the installation process.
  • The page will show several options such as cancel, market and install.
  • Click on the install option, next click the down button several times. Continue until the button indicated “next” turns to “install.”
  • Now click proceed button, the system will show two options “done or install.”
  • Select the tan “done” if you wish to open later. Go to the Apps and Games section.
  • The process is complete.

How to use Google play/ alternative on Firestick

After installing the Aptoide app on your device, you can now run the app and access various apps.

  • Go to the home screen page and select “apps.”
  •  Select the Aptoide app from the bottom of the list.
  • You can move the Aptoide app to the top of the list. Click on the app by pressing and holding the select button on the remote.  User can also click the move button, press the up button to move the app.
  • Open the app and click search to get any information you wish.

The Aptoide app has a friendly user interface that is easy to manoeuvre for all users. 


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