How to Protect Your Instagram Profile in 2022

Online security is one of the very important points to a modern man’s well-being, and safety on social media takes the most part of that point. To make your life better, in this article we will tell you how to protect your Instagram profile in 2022. 

Think of a quality password 

Don’t include your name, any other names, your birthday or the name of your dog into it. Think of a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols, and keep it somewhere offline to never forget (preferably, not even in your smartphone. Today scammers can get remote access to any device, so why risk it?). If you get a notification that somebody is trying to log in your account and it is not you, change the passwords straight away. 

Enable two factor authentication


If you haven’t done it yet, go and do it right now! You can find the needed tab in Settings -> Security -> Two factor authentication -> Begin. Don’t postpone it and check that point out of your plan today. 

Post several photos that include your actual face

Some people avoid posting stuff like this in terms of security, but they should realize that if they are going to lose control over their page, Instagram tech support is going to ask for the photo of your passport and look for the similarities in its photo and the photos in your profile. So make sure that you’re going to have something that proves that the owner of the page is you, and not some random hacker. 

Never give access to your profile to any suspicious apps 

Mobile apps and online services sometimes request access to social media pages. This is necessary in order to use the functionality of the app without long registration: it is enough to simply provide access to the Insta profile. However, it might be extremely unsafe – make sure that you’re not giving your data to anyone who’s going to use it in their favor and check the list of apps that have access to your Insta page right now. To do it you have to log into the web version of your IG account, open settings and go to the authorized applications tab.

How to protect your page while promoting it 

There are many methods that you can use to develop your Instagram page, but there is one that people use most often and that brings the most benefits to users – a possibility to buy Instagram followers. It is truly gold for beginner and for advanced bloggers at the same time, but to do things right you need to know a little about how the decent service works and what data it should and shouldn’t require to sell you quality subscribers for your profile. 

Trustworthy resources never ask for anything but the name of your profile and your email. They don’t need your actual name, your address or, by no means, the password to your account. If a website asks for that data, question them why, but better just look up another company to work with in terms of your profile’s promotion. Plus, if the website is reliable, it should be offering many different paying methods, including various bank cards, PayPal, some of them now even offer cryptocurrency, which is also handy and convenient. So make sure to check the information first, and only then make conclusions on whether you should purchase from that company or not. 

Do not use the main email address in bio

When filling the bio, use the secondary or the specially-created-for-bio email address (not the one, that your account is bound to!), so that scammers won’t be able to hack your page that easy. We recommend you to use this tip on any social media, because giving the scammers away the email address that an account is bound to is the worst (and the silliest) thing to do. 

Never click on the links in comments or in direct messages 

Surely, you can trust your friends, but never click on the links that you get from an unfamiliar person. There’s nothing helpful in it – only some sort of scam, trust us on this one. Instagram tries to moderate the appearance of links on its platform, but sadly enough they cannot do that work for 100% – this is why you have to be cautious and choose whom you can trust and whom you cannot.


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