How to Retain Customers and Attract More

Two of the greatest achievements in business is retaining customers and attracting more. However, this is easier said than done. The simple fact that you have gained one customer cannot be equated to retaining them. It takes additional efforts for one to retain customers. It even becomes a bigger challenge when it comes to attracting more customers. In some cases, businesses lose customers more than they gain. To turn this trend around, it would be ideal for applying the right mechanisms.

It would be right to seek avenues that will increase the possibility of business growth, through the attraction of new customers. For example, if you have established a paper writing service company, then you must work towards increasing the number of clients while also cultivating on retaining a good number. Here are some of the things that you can do to retain your customers and even attract more:

Over-Promise and Under-Deliver (Time Strategy)

It works in the sense that you should focus on promising to deliver your work in a longer duration and deliver within the shortest time. Delivering earlier than promised works ideally in creating a good service image for the customers. For example, if an order is due at 1100Hrs, you can work extra hard and deliver the same order at 0700Hrs.

This singular act is enough to get you referrals from your existing clients. They are likely to communicate the news to their colleagues and friends. You will not only have retained your customers but also attracted more in the process.

Cultivate on Quality

Quality is the key to customer attraction in any business. Any person willing to buy something does so with the intention of getting the anticipated quality. It is, therefore, highly necessary to ensure that your clients get quality that exceeds their expectations. A writing service company that produces essays, which guarantee students high score is likely to have a high number of clients. In fact, such a company has the likelihood of attracting even more clients. It is for the simple fact that quality has been accounted for within the outlined business policies. In an instance, when low quality is the trend, a concurrent trend in losing clients will emanate.

Friendly Environment

A customer seeks services from a business that makes them comfortable in all aspects. Anything that makes a customer uncomfortable is definitely bound to drive them away. It is important for any businessperson to cultivate on building a friendly relationship with customers. It is one of the ways through which customer volume grows.

Let your clients feel the need to come to your business simply because they are warmly welcomed and handled with professionalism. Checking on your clients occasionally can work wonders in making your customers feel cared for. Even if it is mere greetings, a customer will feel the sense of safety and comfort with such a businessperson. Customers will seek to introduce their friends to your business and that will reflect an increased number of customers. A businessperson who uses abusive language or gestures to their clients is definitely bound to lose.


How well do you appreciate your customers? Do they feel the need to come back to your business for the rewards you offer them? What most people may not know is that rewards are considered an effective strategy of retaining customers and even attracting more. For example, you can reward your customers with coupons, vouchers, or even gifts once in a while.

That way, they will have the privilege of getting products from your business either free of charge, or in a subsidized price. The simple fact that the said customers have saved some money through the rewards that you have offered is an enough reason for them to stand with you and even bring more customers.

Get Guidance from Reviews

Mistakes in business are possible but can be grave. In as much as you are avoiding mistakes, sometimes things go wrong. The only thing you can do is to learn from the mistakes made and embark on the necessary corrective measures. How can you learn about your mistakes? The easiest way of learning about your business mistakes is by reading the reviews of your customers. Note that reviews echo the general and sincere feelings of your clients in regards to your business. Through reviews, you will learn what and where to make improvements, and this will work positively in retaining your clients.


In summation, customers can be attracted and retained through the simplest avenues. It all depends on the manner in which you conduct yourself and the manner in which your customers are handled.

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